Clinique Lip and Smile

I had confused this with another Clinique event and it has taken this long for me to realize this Lip and Smile and that Play with Pop were different. LOL! Anyway, the Clinique Lip and Smile was a free makeover offer with tips and tricks on makeup on-trend such as thick brows and ombre lips. I had the ‘boyfriend brows’ and bold lips, which were both suggested to me, and Joiz had the ‘Rebel Chic’ look.

20160715_193437 Clinique Lip and Smile

20160715_193926 Clinique Lip and Smile

20160715_194149 Clinique Lip and Smile

20160715_195207 Clinique Lip and Smile

20160715_195212 Clinique Lip and Smile

Here’s a video of our makeover:

More pictures are in my Flickr album. 🙂 This was my finished look:

I’m not a fan of the brows, but I ♥ the bold lip.

It’s always fun to play at the Clinique counter. 🙂 (We always frequent the Rustan’s Makati Clinique counter.)

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