Cosmetics and toiletries for travel

Did some traveling this year and I thought I would share what I put in my cosmetics and toiletries bag.

I usually use the Clinique cosmetics bag I got for free from their offer last year. It forces me to bring only what I can fit in. The pocket fits my cosmetics while the big compartment is where my toiletries go. I like to get samples or travel-size products because they save me time from having to transfer to small containers, saves bag space, and I can hand-carry if needed. I bring what’s only essential because I want to keep my luggage within the ‘free baggage allowance.’

Here’s most of what I brought to my very recent and short HK trip:

Toiletries and Makeup - HK 2013

The bath gel I usually bring is the travel size from Bath & Body Works, but I found a lot of sample bath gels (also from same brand) in the house and that’s what I brought. I would bring the former if I had to stay in HK for more than a week. I don’t bring a bar soap except if it’s Clinique’s facial wash. The lotion I brought is another Bath & Body Works in Japanese Cherry Blossom. First time I’ve used it that’s why it still looks almost full. Not in this picture are the shampoo and feminine wash. I brought a couple of shampoo sachets and I just transferred an adequate amount of feminine wash in a small plastic bottle. I also have _my_ 3-step Clinique skincare regimen.

The makeup I bring for travel is usually just foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and lip balm. I used the sample foundation containers from Clinique for the bb cream and foundation. They’re also what I use at home anyway since I don’t use them straight from the bottles or tubes. I have travel eyeshadow+blush palettes but because my trip is very short, I brought separate eyeshadow and blush. They’re lighter as well. The only full sized in my makeup is the concealer. I don’t put some in small container because the liquid concealer dries up. And I have a couple of lipsticks.

I recycle small containers because they’re useful for this. I suggest you do too when you travel. No need to buy travel-sized counterparts of your favorite shampoo and such unless your really need to. Save money!

Other items I brought that are not in the picture are my toothbrush, toothpaste, Salonpas (primarily for my ankle, but I got to use it for the sudden shoulder pains), eye drops, anti-frizz hair creme, wet wipes, and pantyliners. I was able to fit all those in that small bag. One thing that should have been included is my body spray, but I brought a big bottle that doesn’t fit in the bag at all.

When you’ve travel too often, you would know what you only need to bring. I’ve had the experience of bringing what I thought I would need, but ended up using only very few.

Do you bring a few like I do or everything on your dresser? Please share so in the comments below. 🙂

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