Goody and Glam Works Makeup Remover

I forgot I took pictures of a couple of stuff I bought from last weekend. ^^;;;

Glam Works Makeup Remover
PhP49 for both from Watsons

The makeup remover quickly and effortlessly removes makeup. Even my stubborn mascara. It has a faint smell of aloe vera. Not annoying, but I’m not a fan of scented wet tissues.

Goody hairpins
Surprisingly affordable for the brand. Well, they’re just hairpins after all.

I was about to buy a cheap hairpin set, but decided against it. The hairpins looked like they would scrape off my scalp. So I browsed the Goody section (in Landmark) and found those in the picture above. The small hairpins cost less than PhP50 and the other was around PhP80.

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