Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Ahaha~ It has been a while. I apologize, in behalf of Glam Love ladies, for slacking off terribly with our website. We had ourselves busy with other matters. I hope we can do better in updating this website this time around. I actually already have a list of blog topics in mind (which have been in mind since last year LOL). We might also have a surprise, so please keep checking Glam Love. 🙂 For the meantime, watch this behind-the-scenes video of Urban Decay’s Spring 2011 photoshoot.

An engineer, gamer, aspiring photographer, and musician (former maybe?) who still keeps a journal and loves her dalmatian. She can’t be without coffee, tea, and wine. Also, of course, makeup! She lives a life in gratitude. Know her, connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, & Snapchat.

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