Link Share: The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department contains useful tutorials, tips, and news on any beauty-related. Their site is simple and straight-forward. At first I wasn’t that intrigued until I read their makeup posts. Here’s a few that I found informative:

Brush Class

Even though I am into makeup, I’m still confused about the brushes and their uses. It’s hard to believe there can be so many just for makeup (some would actually even use paintbrushes).

Good Morning, Mr. Blemish!
I believe all girls hate waking up to see a zit or whatever blemish on their face. This post is a guide on how to hide them naturally or treat them.

The Reverse Smoky Smoke
I want to learn how to properly apply this and sport it without looking like a raccoon by the end of the day. (I need a smudge-proof eyeliner!)

I also found out about lid lacquers from their site. That’s like nail polish on your eyelids. >_>

There’s a lot to see in their website, so go and check them out. 🙂

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