Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation No. 23

I received this Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation along with my Missha Moist Foundation in Warm30.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 001v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 002v2

No. 23 is medium tan as you see below. This may seem it is for brown or tanned ladies, but I am medium-fair and I am able to use this because it becomes lighter/fairer when further applied on the face until it becomes translucent.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 004v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 005v2
That much goes a long way, see?
It has yellow undertones, so it should work for those warm and neutral.

For me, this foundation:

  • Leaves a translucent and dewy finish
  • Provides decent coverage for red spots and blemishes
  • Evens out skin tone; hides discolorations
  • Stays on for nearly eight hours as long as I’m not (excessively) perspiring
  • Covers fine lines without settling
  • Not oily
  • Not shimmery

The dewiness effect of this foundation may be too much for some. If you have very oily skin, I would not recommend this.

I tested this several times on boxing training. The foundation holds up well somehow for most of my face except on the t-zone. Aside from the perspiration, it can’t keep my t-zone’s oiliness at bay. Acne scars on my chin become visible too.

The Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation claims to have skin care ingredients aside from coverage:

This base makeup series contains skin care ingredients from deep sea water and seaweed extracts. The product covers fine lines, discolorations and creates a fine textured, translucent skin

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 003v2

It doesn’t seem to do anything for my face in spite of the claim. Having ended up with acne scars from a skin care product just recently, I would appreciate if my foundation can help with such skin problems.

Overall, I prefer this over Missha Moist Foundation. But its coverage, albeit decent, is not enough for me to want or stock up on another tube. I believe this may work better for those with normal skin. Those who like dewy finish, this foundation will not fail you.

I don’t think this is available locally. If you want to get your hands on this, there may be an online seller who has it.

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