Review: MAC Pink Swoon made me swoon

Tis time for another beauty product review! Let me introduce you to my new favorite blush, MAC Pink Swoon.

blush reviewblush review

Let me just say that this blush is sooo great. It’s very light pink which, when applied, makes the girl appear blushing! I think this is better than NARS’ Blush in Orgasm. There is a drawback to this great product though. It will only work on fair skin. Otherwise, the blush wouldn’t show. I already have fair skin and Pink Swoon barely registers on camera. See the photo below.

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Nu-Pore Make-up Remover

Last month, Jan and I went on an unplanned shopping at Japan Home Center. What I really wanted was those small resealable plastics like Ziplock, but I ended up getting Care Bears and make-up remover wipes.

Nu-Pore Make-up Remover

There were only two packs left, so Jan took the other. I couldn’t forget how she took the Care Bears wipes from me because she thought it was unfair that I had both. When I got another set of Care Bears and Nu-Pore wipes, she was one happy girl. XD;

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Mosbeau, the latest in skin whitening treatments

Last week, Mitch Velete messaged me on Twitter inviting me to a skincare launch. I said I will go and asked if I can take Joiz and Shabby with me. She said I can so I told the ladies about it. Mitch even asked me to invite other bloggers and since I don’t have many connections to other bloggers, I decided to seek Sophie‘s help and she did. Thanks, Sophie!

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Mosbeau bloggers event

Today marks the first skin care event the ladies will go to.

Mosbeau Philippines will have small bloggers briefing and interview with Mosbeau President Mr. Gerford Balderas and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mitsuharu Hayashi. They will be discussing about ways on how Japanese products revolutionized skin care.


Mosbeau is created for the perfection of skin whitening, customized for the Asian skin. Offered and Made in Japan, all Mosbeau products are developed from high-quality, proven safe and effective ingredients in Japan like Placental Protein, Collagen, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

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Sunsilk Damage Repair Sytem

I have a lot of hauls this month yet some of them are free including this Sunsilk Damage Repair System:

Sunsilk Damage Repair System

I requested for the supposedly ‘sample’ pack about 2 months ago, but I only received the package just this Easter Sunday. Our help said that the delivery guy was just using a bicycle. Maybe that explains it took weeks to get here. XD The package includes only the shampoo and conditioner. I wanted the serum, but I shouldn’t really complain because they didn’t send sample sizes. At least a sample size of the serum would have been nice.

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FANCL Washing Powder Review

I just got back from Singapore with a paperbag-full of makeup. Oh yeah, the Benefit “Gee That Was Quick” Makeup Remover was confiscated from my carry-on bag because it’s liquid. Bummer. Anyway, this post is about FANCL, not Benefit.

I bought my FANCL Washing Powder 50g for SG$26 (P800+)  from Isetan along Orchard Road. FANCL is a Japanese brand established in the 7o’s if I’m not mistaken. I was amused by its novelty because it is powder and I have to use a foaming ball to make the powder into foam. So I bought it and only got to try it awhile ago.

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40 Beauty Answers


  • How many times do you wash your face daily?
  • Twice. Morning and evening.

  • What skin type do you have?
  • Combination.

  • What is your current facial wash?
  • FANCL Cleansing Powder. Will write a review soon.

  • Do you exfoliate?
  • Sometimes.

  • What brand do you use?
  • Aveeno

  • What moisturizer do you use?
  • Dermaveen moisturizer. It has colloidal oatmeal and it helped my flaky skin

  • Do you have freckles?
  • I don’t think so
  • Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
  • Yes. I often have breakouts 🙁

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