Suesh and Inglot at G5

Yesterday, after book hauling with a good friend, I decided to do a quick visit at Glorietta 5 after months of not stepping in there because of Glorietta 1 and 2’s re-opening. It was a toy/comic store that I wanted to check out after hearing about it a few months ago. Then I read the other night of Inglot’s store opening here in Makati!

Inglot 20131102_165716

I don’t own a single Inglot product but I’ve been wanting to try it because of other beauty bloggers who use and ♥ it. They’re opening the store this November. Yipee!

I also discovered:

Suesh 20131102_164453

Ladies in Makati must be pleased, if unknown yet, that a Suesh store has opened here. Well, I am. 🙂

Oh, back to Inglot, follow Inglot Philippine’s Facebook and Twitter for updates. Here’s to hoping the prices will be very reasonable.

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