Dramatic Pastels Palette from last year’s Estee Lauder holiday collection

First, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures of the eyeshadow and cheek palette. The swatches are fine, but the palette pictures were taken last year with a different camera and I only checked them today only to see how dark they were. I tried to edit them as much as I could; made sure the colors of the eyeshadows and blush are as close to real life.

Anyway, now that’s clear, let’s move on…

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Estee Lauder – Ultimate Color Holiday 2012 Collection

My favorite cosmetic brands have lots of holiday collections this year. I have been itching to buy. I couldn’t decide with all the cute cases and bags. Two Fridays ago, I finally decided on one because the bag is just very nice and I believe it’s a bang for the buck!

Estee Lauder - Ultimate Color Holiday 2012 001v2

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