Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland palette

I was going through photos then I realized I forgot to blog about the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. My ‘soon’ has taken almost ages. *lol*

Air21 package

I pre-ordered the limited-edition palette around the month of February and it arrived by early April. Super worth the wait!

Sephora packaging

When I saw the Sephora packaging, I suddenly miss being in the US and visiting Sephora even if I didn’t have any money to shop. 😛

I slowly opened the package and took lots of pictures. It’s that special that it requires much camwhoring. XD

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Urban Decay Sephora Exclusives

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives and Fall 2010 Collection Sneak Peak

If you don’t know yet, Urban Decay released Sephora-exclusive eyeshadows. They’re all pigmented and are not glittery. (I may be one of the few who aren’t into non-glittery eyeshadows.)

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

Starting at the center top then clockwise: Free Love (peach-y), Psychedelic Sister (purple), Aquarius (light green), Haight (somewhat blue-green), Dashiki (blue), and Woodstock (bright pink/red).

Left to right: Woodstock, Free Love, & Psychedelic Sister

I want Free Love. It looks so pigmented for something of a light color. 🙂 Pinks are also what I lack from my eyeshadows. Free Love might be in my wish list, but I guess I’ll just wait when it comes out in a palette. Hopefully these colors are not limited edition. *crosses fingers*

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What Eyeshadow Shade Should You Be Wearing?

What Eyeshadow Shade Should You Be Wearing?

Back in grade school, the makeup artist for our yearbook told me what color suits me.

He was right. 🙂 Good thing I believed him. I now have a brown variety of eyeshadows and even eyeliners. 🙂 I’m on the lookout for pop shades that will look good on me. Aside from white, that is. I’m thinking light pink or light purple.

Take the quiz too and share your results please.

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