My kikay kit from the recent waterfalls and lake outing

My office had its annual outing a couple of weekends ago. I was in charge of our itinerary, so I planned visits to an underground cemetery, spring water falls, a man-made lake, and an organic farm. Details of the outing will be in my blog. Instead, let me show you the makeup I brought.

An engineer, gamer, aspiring photographer, and musician (former maybe?) who still keeps a journal and loves her dalmatian. She can’t be without coffee, tea, and wine. Also, of course, makeup! She lives a life in gratitude. Know her, connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, & Snapchat.

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Glam Love has a Vlog!

This year, we are trying out video blogging. Check out our first episode below and let us know what you think. 😉

Joiz is a single mom, photographer and blogger with work experience in IT business analysis, SEO and Web Design & Development. She is the girl behind, a visual art enthusiast, and a lover of sleep. She has an unhealthy addiction to key rings, Legos, miniatures, breakfast food and any cheesy bacon-y things. If you want to connect, follow her on IG, FB, or Twitter.

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