Lavshuca RD-2 lipstick

Saw this over at Lotus Palace‘s blog:

Lavshuca RD-2
Lavshuca RD-2

The color is so pretty that I want it even though I have no idea if the color suits me. Anyone know where I can get this locally? If it’s not available here, maybe Kat could help since she’s going to SG? LOL XDDD Ordering online is not an option for me. I haven’t even received my first batch of GetGlue stickers.

Images from Lotus Palace

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Snapdragon lips

My Snapdragon lipstick is too dry and hard to apply. This is the only matte lipstick I have and it’s making me dislike matte lipsticks generally. 🙁 Such a waste to throw it away, I thought I’d do a little ‘test’.

No flash
No flash

Products used:

  • Max Factor Lip conditioner
  • Estee Lauder Snapdragon Lipstick
  • Lavshuca RD-1 Lip gloss

Wish flash
With flash

The staying power of the lipstick is about 2 hours tops. I guess whatever ingredient that should have made it glide smoothly or give a bit of shine has dried out. When I did the ‘test’, it lasted for hours even when I had a big cup of tea. The lip gloss is a match for the lipstick. 😀

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First week of March loot

Not that I intend to make a weekly makeup haul. XD; Anyway, I have been debating in my head over and over again whether I should get an eyeshadow palette I saw in a forum. The seller’s offer was cheaper than those listed in I was having second thoughts because I have a preorder of another eyeshadow palette. When i was able to confirm that my preorder won’t be arriving very soon, I decided on getting the palette from the forum. 🙂

*excited excited*


Package's contents
Packages contents 😀

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