Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives and Fall 2010 Collection Sneak Peak

Urban Decay Sephora Exclusives

If you don’t know yet, Urban Decay released Sephora-exclusive eyeshadows. They’re all pigmented and are not glittery. (I may be one of the few who aren’t into non-glittery eyeshadows.)

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

Starting at the center top then clockwise: Free Love (peach-y), Psychedelic Sister (purple), Aquarius (light green), Haight (somewhat blue-green), Dashiki (blue), and Woodstock (bright pink/red).

Left to right: Woodstock, Free Love, & Psychedelic Sister

I want Free Love. It looks so pigmented for something of a light color. 🙂 Pinks are also what I lack from my eyeshadows. Free Love might be in my wish list, but I guess I’ll just wait when it comes out in a palette. Hopefully these colors are not limited edition. *crosses fingers*

Just recently, Urban Decay released a sneak peak of their Fall 2010 collection.


Dark shades

I can see myself buying one of the palettes. Most likely the first. 😀

Credits: Eyeshadow Sephora Exlusive photos are from Temptalia

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