A Quick Test with Mosbeau’s Whitening Products

It’s been almost a month since we were at the Mosbeau skincare launch at Toki, where they introduced us to two of their leading whitening products: Mosbeau Placenta White food supplements and Mosbeau White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream. Karen & Shabby has already given you the background details of the company and the products, what I am here for is to put these products to a test.

So I did try out the food supplements, and the cream. Taking the Mosbeau Placenta White tablets 4 times a day, and putting on the cream on my elbows, knees and ankles (and even a few times tried it on my face) after every shower.

After a week of using the products, and although I haven’t really seen much difference, my officemates have surprisingly noticed my “glowing”. They commented on how I looked “blooming” even when I’m feeling stressed and tired. Odd, but somehow the compliments made me think that the whitening tablets were doing its job. Soon enough, I noticed the pimple marks on my cheeks were getting somewhat darker (that or I was getting whiter and the melanin on the marks were somehow harder to whiten), so I had to use the cream on my face to somehow even things out quicker.

I love the smell of the cream, it’s very mild and I liked how I don’t feel sticky after using the cream on any part of my body (and with this summer heat, this is saying a lot). After just a few days, my ankle –which was dark from all my misadventures when I was still playing in the streets and sports-oriented– was noticeably whiter, and on some parts even whiter than the rest of my foot (I had to use the cream on my whole foot at some point). My knees were starting to take on a pinkish brown color instead of its usual dark brown.

What I don’t like about this whitening experiment is the frequency of taking the tablets, although they say it’s just a supplement and you can take 2 or even all four at a time, I was hesitant to do so. I took the tablets after every meal because I didn’t like the idea of downing 4 tablets in one go.

Not a lot of people noticed the change in my skin color (if you’ve seen me regularly throughout the experiment), but after looking at the before (just after the launch, April 20+), in-between (end of April) and after photos (just before the National elections, May 10), what do you know I did get whiter!

I must say, I recommend Mosbeau whitening products to those who want to whiten their skin. They are kind of pricey compared to some glutathione tablets in the market, but cheaper than those intrusive glutathione injectibles (which are more effective than the tablets). Mosbeau’s products are made entirely from Japan, BFAD approved, hypo-allergenic and better and more effective than glutathione.

The Mosbeau Placenta White retails for P2,500 (120 tab) and P1,340 (60 tab). Mosbeau White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream costs P950 for a 50 mg bottle. Both products are available in Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, PCX, Health Express, South Star Drug, and Health Food. Soon they will also be available in most branches of Mercury Drugstore.

I feel bad that my skin took a hard hit during the elections (4 hours under the sun, even with sunblock and an umbrella still gave me a really really bad tan) but after summer (I don’t want to miss out on the upcoming summer activities), I will continue using Placenta White and Mosbeau White. I’ll need to get back my original skin color, and I’m confident Mosbeau can take that challenge. 😀
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UPDATE (July 7, 2012):We are so happy that you find our blog entry useful in your search for skin whitening, and although we really appreciate the huge response coming from this post, we would like to point out that:

1. We are not representatives of Mosbeau, and we do not work for them either. We just tested two of their products. We do not have full knowledge of specific compounds used in the products. Same as everyone else, we can only rely on what are on the labels and what was mentioned in their press release;
2. We can’t keep answering questions that are a close repeat of another previously answered one, please browse the comments before posting your question, we might have already answered your query before;
3. As I have repeatedly said before (and I feel like a broken record with all the repeating), we recommend consulting a dermatologist before taking any product. The compatibility of the product to your skin type will determine whether or not it will be effective or safe for you. Skin care is ALWAYS, ALWAYS about finding your perfect match.

Much Love, Joiz

  1. hi..i’m planning to buy this product and ngddoubt ako kasi baka hindi effective..masasayang lang oras at pera ko kung di rin lang naman xa eeffect..i just want to have a fair white skin..please help me to decide..dalawa kasi pinagpipilian ko,belo or mosbeau..

    1. I honestly don’t know how to help you decide. We’re not skin experts here, we’re not your dermatologist either. We are not ambassadors of any of the brands. This product might work for me, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll work for you. So it’s really up to you. There are always risks when you’re trying to change/develop something about you (in this case, effort and money), if you’re not willing to take those risks, then I suggest that you hold off on buying anything. Do more research and/or seek advice from a professional (your dermatologist). Good luck

  2. Hi, I just bought this product a while ago. Sana mag effect siya sakin like yours kahit pumantay lang sana color ko. Maputi nman tlaga yung skin tone ko. Umitim lang dahil sa mga activities.. So, I’m crossed-fingers now.

  3. hi.. have anyone try to use myra 400 E? which one is the best to use, the myra 400 E or the mosbeau placenta white food supplement? Please help me to decide. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Louise I’m 16 yrs. Old too according to the sales lady when my mom ask her if it’s okay for a 16 year old can take that . its a no , but the sales lady show us the Mosbeau collagen jelly pack . its okay for a 16 year old

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