A Quick Test with Mosbeau’s Whitening Products

It’s been almost a month since we were at the Mosbeau skincare launch at Toki, where they introduced us to two of their leading whitening products: Mosbeau Placenta White food supplements and Mosbeau White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream. Karen & Shabby has already given you the background details of the company and the products, what I am here for is to put these products to a test.

So I did try out the food supplements, and the cream. Taking the Mosbeau Placenta White tablets 4 times a day, and putting on the cream on my elbows, knees and ankles (and even a few times tried it on my face) after every shower.

After a week of using the products, and although I haven’t really seen much difference, my officemates have surprisingly noticed my “glowing”. They commented on how I looked “blooming” even when I’m feeling stressed and tired. Odd, but somehow the compliments made me think that the whitening tablets were doing its job. Soon enough, I noticed the pimple marks on my cheeks were getting somewhat darker (that or I was getting whiter and the melanin on the marks were somehow harder to whiten), so I had to use the cream on my face to somehow even things out quicker.

I love the smell of the cream, it’s very mild and I liked how I don’t feel sticky after using the cream on any part of my body (and with this summer heat, this is saying a lot). After just a few days, my ankle –which was dark from all my misadventures when I was still playing in the streets and sports-oriented– was noticeably whiter, and on some parts even whiter than the rest of my foot (I had to use the cream on my whole foot at some point). My knees were starting to take on a pinkish brown color instead of its usual dark brown.

What I don’t like about this whitening experiment is the frequency of taking the tablets, although they say it’s just a supplement and you can take 2 or even all four at a time, I was hesitant to do so. I took the tablets after every meal because I didn’t like the idea of downing 4 tablets in one go.

Not a lot of people noticed the change in my skin color (if you’ve seen me regularly throughout the experiment), but after looking at the before (just after the launch, April 20+), in-between (end of April) and after photos (just before the National elections, May 10), what do you know I did get whiter!

I must say, I recommend Mosbeau whitening products to those who want to whiten their skin. They are kind of pricey compared to some glutathione tablets in the market, but cheaper than those intrusive glutathione injectibles (which are more effective than the tablets). Mosbeau’s products are made entirely from Japan, BFAD approved, hypo-allergenic and better and more effective than glutathione.

The Mosbeau Placenta White retails for P2,500 (120 tab) and P1,340 (60 tab). Mosbeau White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream costs P950 for a 50 mg bottle. Both products are available in Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, PCX, Health Express, South Star Drug, and Health Food. Soon they will also be available in most branches of Mercury Drugstore.

I feel bad that my skin took a hard hit during the elections (4 hours under the sun, even with sunblock and an umbrella still gave me a really really bad tan) but after summer (I don’t want to miss out on the upcoming summer activities), I will continue using Placenta White and Mosbeau White. I’ll need to get back my original skin color, and I’m confident Mosbeau can take that challenge. 😀
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UPDATE (July 7, 2012):We are so happy that you find our blog entry useful in your search for skin whitening, and although we really appreciate the huge response coming from this post, we would like to point out that:

1. We are not representatives of Mosbeau, and we do not work for them either. We just tested two of their products. We do not have full knowledge of specific compounds used in the products. Same as everyone else, we can only rely on what are on the labels and what was mentioned in their press release;
2. We can’t keep answering questions that are a close repeat of another previously answered one, please browse the comments before posting your question, we might have already answered your query before;
3. As I have repeatedly said before (and I feel like a broken record with all the repeating), we recommend consulting a dermatologist before taking any product. The compatibility of the product to your skin type will determine whether or not it will be effective or safe for you. Skin care is ALWAYS, ALWAYS about finding your perfect match.

Much Love, Joiz

  1. Hi Joiz,

    Lani here from Mosbeau. Glad to know that you are satisfied with the product. The pictures you took to prove the results were really great.

    It’s nice to know that you’ve seen noticeable changes in your skin, as well as that “blooming” aura. as you’ve mentioned in your post.

    Anyway, in behalf of Mosbeau–we’d like to thank you, Shabby and Karen for being part of the launch and for trusting our product.

    Kudos to the Glam-Love team!

        1. By changing the pigment color in our skin. You are not supposed to expose to the sun because if you do then – you are candidate for skin cancer.

          I knew many Japanese here in Japan using this products and they are going out in summer just to have fun in the beach. They stay inside and when they go out. They always have an umbrella or a hat to protect their skin. They always have a cloth that shades their arms…

    1. Hi Chlong! Yes, I remember we asked Mosbeau representatives if it’s safe and hypoallergenic and all that. I’m allergic to a lot of things so if I was able to take this without getting adverse side-effects I think you’re safe.

        1. I believe effectivity varies per person. I haven’t tried the tablet yet, but I’ll do so soon. Especially with summer coming. It will be battling with summer heat. LOL Oh, what do you mean by sunblock?

  2. Do all mosbeau products work with high end skin whitening results like their placenta white, white evoltuion series, glutawhite body soap, glutawhite body lotion, etc?

    1. Only two products were released here in the Philippines: the Placenta White tablets, and the Mosbeau White cream. The other products are not yet available here and we haven’t tested them either, so we can’t really comment about the soap, lotion and whatnot.

        1. Hi,
          How come Mosbeau Placenta 10 is actually available in my derma if only two products were released in the Phils, plus, we can’t find this in drugstores only in the derma. I had this product early June. Is this different from the Gluthawhite placenta 10..?

          1. Mosbeau products have been only available in local dermatologists since a year or two back. Only recently has Mosbeau Philippines started making them available in drugstores nationwide. It is likely that’s the case with your Mosbeau Placenta 10. As far as I remember, more products will be available in drugstores soon.

    1. JC, Kenjie:

      Definitely suitable for BOTH men and women. Mosbeau products work on all skin types, regardless of color, sex and ethnicity. Individuals with very dark skin tones may take longer to see results. Every skin needs special treatment.

      But don’t take our word for it, we highly recommend you consult with your dermatologist before purchasing the products. The compatibility of the product to your skin type will determine whether or not it will be effective or safe for you. Skin care is ALWAYS about finding your perfect match.

  3. I see. I was googling this product coz I want to see results before I try to purchase the kit. According to the pictures posted above, it looks like the products are really effective! GREAT! =D

  4. Hi, Im currently undergoing an underarm hair reduction laser program, is it safe to use it even if i have laser treatments every month?:) thank you

    1. Hi Alice! You might want to consult with your dermatologist since we’re really not sure what treatments you’re undergoing and what reactions your skin will exhibit when using products not prescribed by your doctor. 😀

      1. Hi Joiz,
        I am actually more interested in the All In One and the Premium cream which I understand you do not sell. Is there any way you can help me get hold of these two products? I am suffering from melasma and I am desperate to get rid of it.

        Please help and thanks

        1. Hi Cynthia, yes we do *not* sell any products here (or at least at this time). Although I heard that Mosbeau will be releasing some more products, I cannot guarantee when it’ll be available. Mosbeau has an online shop, you can check if they’ll ship their Japan products to where you are.

          Have you asked a dermatologist to take a look it? I think they’re in a much better position to give you advise about Melasma.

          Good luck! 🙂

  5. Hi. I’m currently using mosbeau tablets. Can I expect results after 15 days? Cause I only bought the 15 days tablets.

    1. You can expect some results but nothing dramatic or sensational, the changes are very subtle. Like I said in this post, I was also surprised with my before & after photos, because I never really notice any changes.

      It’s also common sense that it takes longer to whiten if you’re always under the sun, and in harsh environment. Back up your tablet intake with skin care against UV, and you’re good to go. Good luck!

  6. I am still not convinced if men can use it. Because it has “SoyIsoflavone” in it, which I heard contains estrogen, which in turn may affect the hormonal reproduction in males. Can some one pls confirm if men can surely use this without any hesitation?

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for that insightful comment, it made me do some of my own research regarding Isoflavones.

      If you have time to look at the back of the Placenta White bottle, you will see the list of ingredients used for the product. From what I’ve seen, it did not contain SoyIsoflavone.

      Now as I said, I’ve made my own little research and I found out that Soy beans are rich in Isoflavones. There is a lot of medical publications about this vegetable substance. It’s a compound, that has the same structure as estrogens in our body. It can also act like estrogens, and has protective functions to our body. To quote a site:

      “The estrogen effects of isoflavones are much less powerful than the estrogen hormones (it’s effectiveness represents around 1/1000 of the estrogen hormones).

      Isoflavones has a balancing effect, according to one study, where it acts as a replacement for when estrogen is low. BUT also it reduce the effect of the estrogen on cells and skin layers when the hormone levels are high.

      Given that, the efficacy and safety of soy isoflavones for preventing or treating cancer of the breast, endometrium, and prostate are not established, so using Isoflavones as supplement is not recommended. However, soy products should be beneficial to cardiovascular and overall health because of their high content of polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and low content of saturated fat. This is why a lot of my guy friends at the gym drink a lot of soy milk to replace food high in animal protein. This is also why vegetarians, and vegans are into soy products.

      I don’t know who is trying to scare you by telling you that Isoflavone is harmful for men (since it’s in soy sauce, soy beans, tofu, soy milk, taho, basically anything soy) but there really is no medical evidence of harmful effect of soy isoflavone on men for you to avoid it.

      I hope that helps, Rahul. And as I’ve said before, over and over again, if you’re still not sure, consult your dermatologist. It’s very helpful to know which products are best for your skin.


      1. hey, gusto ko magtry ng mosbeau tablet, but i’m hesitant coz it might coz pimples, im so acne prone..gusto ko lng ma-lighten up un acne scars ko…

  7. i’ve used mosbeau tablets and followed the instructions for 15 days now, uhmmmmmm, maitim pa rin siko kow,, uneven skintone ko, e, I dont feel like buying the cream.

    1. im hesitant to use mosbeau products coz i’ve experienced a product before that only cause my skin more darker.. is it alright if i’ll use mosbeau whitening cream this time for my dark skin? will it be effective or will it cause my skin more darker?
      just want to know your comment before i purchase the product.. thanks!

      1. Hi Jenny! I’m no expert in skin whitening, but unless you are vitamin D deficient or you’re lifestyle involves actively being under the sun, or in front of the stove, or any external factor that stimulate melanin production, you cannot prevent your skin to get darker. I cannot guarantee if Mosbeau will be effective on you. You could give it a try or if you want to play extra safe, (and this is what I always recommend anybody to do) consult your dermatologist for the right product to use for your skin.

  8. Mosbeau White underarm in not effective! I have been using it for a month but i can’t see even a little effect…=(

  9. Hi, can any one show their photo of before and after using mosbeau cream? I am not convince yet of buying mosbeau cream baka kasi masayang ang pera ko baka kasi hindi effective eh… sigeh na pls…

    1. if you will used mosbeau underarm thigh cream.. Hindi naman ganun kabilis makikita ang result.. In my case nakaubos nako ng 2 bottles na 50g cream before ko nakita ang result na naglighten and underarm ko. And i think hiyangan lang talaga.

  10. Hi guys.. I’ve been using mosbeau underarm and thigh cream for almost 11months now after i gave birth.. For me it’s effective.. It lightens my underarm.. Also, i’m taking metathione 4x a day with vitamin c.. But for metathione, i’m not satisfied with the result. I don’t see any changes. And all of my friends and relatives said that i’m getting thinner.. So i decided to shift to mosbeau placenta white.. I think it more effective.. I’m taking mosbeau for 7days now, i must say it’s much better than metathione. Also, i’m using mosbeau facial soap and mosbeau body lotion.. I must say it’s very effective.

    1. is the mosbeau body lotion and soap for all skin types and colors? How long did u see the whitening results?

          1. in the mosbeau body lotion do u guys use the ingredient alpha aurbtin or just aurbtin???

          2. Kenza, the lotion is not available here in our country, and we’re not associated with Mosbeau. So we really don’t know the answer to that question.

  11. is mosbeau for all types of skin types like sensitive, oily, normal with any skin tone colors like tan, brown, black, etc???

    also can mosbeau products help with pimples, acne, pores, stretch marks, shaving scars, etc???

  12. hi i wanted to know is mosbeau efftive for skin tone colors? What makes placenta protien better than glutathione? How is it twice more effective then gultathione? Is mosbeau proven to show skin whitening???

  13. i really have a positive feeling with these Mosbeau products coz f u search it in the net its comments are positive. i think the secret would be patience to wait for the results because it would really take time for the products to penetrate and its a case-to-case basis because we have different skin types and our activities would also affect the results.

  14. Ummm permanent po ba ung result ng Mosbeau white underarm and inner thigh cream? Kasi may nabasa rin akong review kailangan daw continuous ung gamit kc babalik ka sa dati mong kulay. Is that true? Also can a 14 year old use this? I will appreciate your response thanks ^ ^

    1. Imo, it’s best to use the cream continuously until you empty the container. Certain conditions will make the skin return to its previous color. I think that applies to every whitening cream out there. 🙂

      I’m no dermatologist, but I assume it’s safe for a 14 y/o to use the cream. Best to test on a small area first.

    2. Hi April,

      Yes, results are permanent. But if by “permanent”, you mean no need to apply the cream after you’ve reached that skin tone you’ve wanted, then no.

      If you want to maintain that skin tone, you’d need to apply the cream every so often because the cream doesn’t stop our body from producing melanin. Melanin increases in response to sun exposure or any radiations or other factors similar.

      Personally, I’ve used up the test bottle given to me and a bottle I’ve personally purchased. I’ve bought another one but has not used it yet, I paused from using the cream or the tablets since it’s already summer and my wanting to get a tan kind of defeats the purpose of using them. I’ll probably resume after all my summer escapades. And if/when I get too dark again.

      As for the age thing, it’s hypoallergenic so it’s safe for all ages. BUT take Shabby’s advice. Test on a small area first; if you have an allergic reaction, discontinue from using it. Good luck! 😀

  15. hi, did you experience acne breakouts when you started taking the product (tablets)? i have acne-prone skin specifically my face and want to try this product to help heal the existing ones. thanks.

    1. Hi wynnoie, I have very oily and acne-prone skin, my face is also sensitive, however, it improved while I used Placenta White. My face mostly cleared up and looked better with continuous intake.

  16. Hi there… Is that realy effective Placenta White? Anyone whos using it? Kindly share whats the effect? many thanks!

  17. hi there.. iang months nyo po tinake ung mosbeau bgo nyo nkita ung effect? kz ako 2 weeks na akong ngtatake nglilighten nman ung skin ko ng konti.. ano mas mganda 2 sa umaga 2 sa gabi or sabay ung 4 tabs n pag inom?? tnx

    1. I’m not trying to get white so I’m not using it regularly. Konti lang talaga rin yung difference, you can’t expect it to work like magic in just 2 weeks. Dapat tuloy tuloy kung gusto mo talaga pumuti.

      As for the tablets, I recommend you take the tablets after every meal, not all at once or two at a time. I’m saying this, hindi dahil harmful sya pagsabay sabayin, it’s just better for the liver to process food products a little at a time.

  18. Hi,

    I am 24 years old female .I am basically fair ,however my inner thighs,bikini lines and on hands are having discolourations (Darkness formed on these areas).

    I am going to get married on November month and I am from India .
    Will this Mosbeau whitening cream will remove the discolourations on my inner thighs,bikini lines and hands as well ?

    And how long would it take to cure.Is it safe to use inner thighs and bikini lines ?

    I just wanted to see the improvement of skin tone in 1 month and full results ie as like my skin tone (even skin tone) in 2 months of use atleast .

    Because I hope u understand,I dont even have time to check some other products or treatments as I dont have time at the end of two months as my marriage date is nearing .

    Also I dont want to be whiten more,I just wanted to remove teh discolouartions especially on inner thighs and bikini lines with safness .

    Kindly get back to me with your answer .Thanks

    1. Hello VD,

      I use the whitening cream on my inner thighs, but I wasn’t able to keep track of how long it took before I noticed any change. But I’m sure two months would be long enough. It has evened out my skin tone.

      I have been using the cream for months now and I didn’t have any skin reaction. Therefore, I believe it is safe to use.

      Hopefully the Mosbeau product/s will be effective for you. If it is, please let us know. 🙂

  19. I want to try this product but I’m leaving here in Dubai..can u help me on where can i buy this product?thank u so much.

  20. mas effective din ba pag uminom ng placenta white. 2 tablets before meal instead pagtapos kumaen? mag effect pa din kaya kahit umiinom pa ako ng pang diet?

    pls help? many THANKS..

    1. I don’t think it matters whether before or after a meal you take the tablets. As far as I remember, it also doesn’t matter if you take other supplements with it. Hope that helps. 🙂

  21. im taking pills, is it okey to drink mosbeau at the same time? hindi ba mawawala ang effect ng pills ko? hope you inform me. thanks.

    1. It don’t see how it will have an adverse effect when taken with contraceptive pills. Please consult your doctor to verify.

  22. hi, do you think ok lang mag-take ako ng mosbeau placenta even though i’m taking my maintenance medication. actually i already purchased 2 bottles of it. do you think it will affect the result. i need ur response asap. tnx

    1. Mosbeau placenta is just a supplement. It should not affect your medication. If you are not confident, you might want to ask advice from your physician.

  23. Hi,

    Is it okay to drink Fresh Milk (Like Anchor) everyday? Even if I take it together with the placenta pills? What is the effect? Please advise asap. Thanks.

    1. Dear, Mosbeau Placenta White is a food supplement and milk is well… milk. I don’t see why an adverse reaction should be imminent when combined.

  24. siguro po hindi naman magic ang pag papaganda,, according to dr. divina go,, it will took time,, but using placenta white for 5 bottles na,, ok naman sa akin,, medyo makinis sya and smooth,, not actually super puti kasi mainit po dito s pilipinas,, now i will try using all in one facial cream,, hope ok sya,, neostrata ultra smooth cream gamit ko b4 and talagang ok po ito,, sabi nila meron na daw sunblock ang all in one,, i will try using it.. sana maging maganda ang result

  25. hi hi bago palng ako sa paggamit ng mosbeau,soap at all in one cream.,ilang weeks bago ko makita ang pagbabago…meron na bang lotion ito dito sa pilipinas?

  26. I’m 17 years old. I want to have a whiter skin. I don’t know what to take. Is it Metathione or Mosbeau? I have acne problems and I want to lighten my dark spots. Can you please give me an advice? Thanks. 🙂

  27. hi ive just bought the placenta cream 2 weeks ago. i bought this ase nangitim ung underarm ko pati areolas pati singit ko after giving birth.. at inis na inis ako nun! my hubby is a seaman and he’s going home sa june, cguro pag nkaubos ako ng 3 bottles magpapantay na kya ung kulay ng underarm ko pati innerthighs ko? o kelangan ko pba sabayan ng tablets? hndi ko nman trip magpaputi coz i fee like being morena makes me hot, ang gsto ko lang mgpantay kulay ng UA at singit ko.

  28. Hi!

    Why is it sa website ng mosbeau they have 2 kinds nung inner thigh whitening cream.. one is JPN another is PHL.. mas pricey yung JPN.. so ibig sabihin iba yung formulation nung for Japan? mas effective kaya?

    1. Yes, iba ang formulation. Japanese people are considerably whiter than us. And their climate is also different compared to the Philippines. I don’t think it will be more effective, it’s probably that there are a few difference in compounds used. You might want to ask a Mosbeau employee of the significant difference.

      1. same lang. both made in japan.
        my cousin in japan uses mosbeau, maputi xa.
        she gave me 1 bottle, in fairness naman gumanda skin ko, pero hindi xa actually nkakaputi na as in puting puti…nkakakinis lang tlga xa. glowing skin.. after maubos ung 1 bottle, i took whitex from celesty ata un, damn, wala epekto..siniraan pa nung agent na kausap ko ang mosbeau. kaya ngayon, nagrresearch ako, and i guess ill end up buying mosbeau nalang ulit..

  29. convince na ako of this product. just one more question, since its a food supplement does it help on gaining weight as well? pls reply 🙂

    1. Hi Pinky! I don’t think it does that. It’s not an all around food supplement anyway. It just helps whiten the skin, no other claimed benefits.

      1. Hi, Lala! Those stuff can be bought in any watsons branches near you. As mentioned previously, no age limit but it’s really more of a personal discretion, and we highly recommend you consult your dermatologist before taking them.

  30. can i take 1 tablet per intake(4x/ day) instead of 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at night as instructed by moasbeau rep in watsons?which intake is more effective?

  31. another thing, i have this feeling that taking 2 tablets /day may just be wasteful(my body might not absorb that dosage and end up excreting it)

    1. You go and do that. I personally really have no recommendation of how many per intake as long as you take the 4 tabs per day. 🙂 to each their own liver heh

  32. Hi I been using inner thigh underarm whitening cream for 16 days, but i didn’t see any changes, how long it will take bago mo makita ang result? And also I’m taking Mosbeau Placenta white advance matagal din ba ang resulta bago makita ang changes nito. Please response thanks..

  33. Hi mosbeu.I’ve been reading several positive comments about this product and now I want to try using it but it will be my first time.Do I need to consult a dermatologist first?I’ve just heard about this product recently on my favorite actress fb angel locsin and since then I got interested.

  34. you should get something from Mosbeau,,, it’s hard to accomodate all their questions when you’re not even a Mosbeau employee.. 🙂

  35. Hi I just want to know if this product “Mosbeau” has no mercury. Yes, you already mentioned that it safe but how safe? How much mercury in it? We know that most whitening product contain mercury so I am worried that this might have some. Please let me know the content and how safe the product.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Shiloh! From what I heard, most of the whitening products that were found to be laced with mercury were imported from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, all of which were already banned by FDA. There were some products from Germany, Japan and KSA, but as far as we [Glam-Love bloggers] know, Mosbeau is FDA (Japan) and BFAD (Philippines) approved.

  36. Hi Joiz,

    I have read all of the comments from your blog. I had also read other blogs and they were saying it isn’t that effective, they only got pimples and weight gain.

    also, I have a friend who is taking this mosbeau but she dont find it effective , she’s been taking for a month but there were no results.

    I have never tried it because of the comments…

    My question is that, how many months that is the maximum effect be seen?

    1. Hi Ina,

      I don’t get your question. Maximum effect? How would you define maximum effect?

      There have been girls and guys who have claimed that Mosbeau worked for them, then there are others who claim it didn’t work for them. Personally, I was happy with the result I got when I tested it. Please understand that results vary from one individual to another, depending on skin color, depending on how active your body creates melanin, depending on your body chemistry, depending on how often you are exposed to UV and the Sun, … depending on a LOT of factors.

      If you are interested in trying a new product for your skin like the Mosbeau whitening products, we highly recommend, in fact I insist that you consult with your dermatologist.

  37. hello,

    just want to know if it is not good to take all in mostbeau products if I have a modular nodules? it is bad to take that whitening??

    I will wait your immediate reply..


  38. Hi!
    I am taking mosbeu for 3 weeks now and i notice that i am perspiring too much…I just wanna know if it has something to do with it. And also is is right to take it BEFORE MEAL? That was the advised i got from Watson.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you

  39. i have been using mosbeau for just 4days,and i hope it will really works for my skin..i want to achieve a white and glowing skin!

    1. I have used Mosbeau Placenta White advance food supplements and Mosbeau White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream, for two months but it doesn’t seems to work good luck..

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