A savior from hair tangles

Since I started using the Goody TangleFix, my hair has had less breakage and looks healthier. The boyfriend says so too. 😀

Goody TangleFIX 001

Goody TangleFIX 002 Goody TangleFIX 003

Goody TangleFIX 004 Goody TangleFIX 005

I’ve tolerated for a long long while my broken and dry hair. Well, it’s about time I should pay attention to it once again — Bring back those days when I can go out even without have to fix my hair. My hair has become such because I almost regularly iron and blow dry my hair without putting any heat-protection or doing any hair care. Finding the right shampoo for very dry hair wasn’t enough. Plus, using cheap knock-offs of Hair Doctor has added more damage.

I found out about the detangling brush from a couple of beauty bloggers. I was envious! It combs through wet, tangled hair with ease. The one they specifically have isn’t locally available, but, thankfully, Goody has it and Goody is easy to find here albeit expensive. ^^;;;

Goody TangleFIX 006

Goody TangleFIX 007
The Goody TangleFIX is available in black, blue, and bright purple.

After patting my wet hair with towel, I brush through tangles with ease. No need to pull and tug as a light brushing is only needed. This is actually a time saver! I also have lesser hairfall now. Besides the price, the small bristles can be annoying since it sometimes doesn’t reach to my scalp. This is still worth purchasing though. I bought mine at The Landmark Makati (they have so much Goody products!!) and it cost me PhP768. Goody is also available in Rustan’s Supermarket.

PS. Before I could publish this, I find out that Tangle Teezer, the original detangling brush, is available here. *facepalms* Why am I late to know? 🙁 Well, I shall get one from the original too so I can keep one at home and another in my bag. 😀

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