Addiction Cheek Polish in 09 Sensually

About the brand

ADDICTION is by Ayako Yoshimura who was the right hand of Francois Nars before becoming NARS’ International Creative Director. In 2009, she released her brand under Kose in Japan.

When a friend told me of Ayako’s work history with Francois Nars, that confirmed why I found ADDICTION reminiscent of NARS makeup.

Cheek Polish

The only Addiction item I have (at the moment as I want to get more in the future) is the Cheek Polish in 09 Sensually.

It comes in a bottle similar to a nail polish’s. Not only that, there’s a ball inside the bottle that rattles when you shake it. Very similar to old skool nail polishes (I say old skool because the new ones I use now don’t have that). The applicator brush is also similar to a nail polish applicator.

The bottle isn’t bulky nor heavy, so it’s portable and convenient to put in a kikay kit. It is made of glass, however. So, yeah, mustn’t drop that kikay kit.

The Cheek Polish–as stated in the official site–contains emollient rose hip oil and emollient lavender oil and is fragrance-free. The consistency is like a thin cream.


Sensually is described as “a lustrous and sexy rose color blended delicately with silver and gold pearl.”

The silver and gold pearls gives a pretty brightening sheen.


🗸 Pigmented, yet its light color makes it nearly impossible to go overboard on the cheeks. Should the blush seem too much for my overall makeup, I just go over it with a (dry) sponge.
🗸 The brush applicator makes this so easy to use. I can do a single swipe on each cheek if I like going for a drunk blush look maybe or just a dot with the tip of the bristles for a subtle, near-natural blushing cheeks.
🗸 Longevity is pretty good. I have oily skin, though it lasts nearly 10 hours (or longer if I don’t get sweaty).
🗸 Still lasts even without setting.
🗸 Doesn’t dry down quickly, so it’s easy to blend.
🗸 Actually has a mild herbal-like scent that initially reminded me of Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Vitalising Mask EX. I was only able to tell it has a scent after I placed my nose nearly touching the bottle’s opening. 😆 But because it’s so mild, it can pass as fragrance-free.

The only con is its availability. 😛


Addiction is available only in Japan, Korea (a couple of branches, I think, and Duty Free), and Hong Kong. Of course there’s official website to order online. Some local online resellers (through Instagram or Shoppee) is also an option. A friend got this for me from Hong Kong at a good price of Php1300. In HK, it’s HKD195 and, in Japan, it’s JPY2800.

(If video doesn’t play, click on it. 🙂 )

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