Anti-blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel from Clinique

The Clinique’s Clinical Clearing Gel is something that I use at night, after I’ve cleansed my face and right before I use a moisturizer, and on occasions (which is often) that I can feel a swell on my face that indicates an upcoming pimple.

Claim to fame: Daily treatment gel provden to give you clearer skin. Fast-drying, oil-free formula goes to work immediately to help clean blemishes, promote healing, prevent breakouts.

Directions: Apply a thin layer to entire face twice a day after cleansing. Or spot-apply if you are using another leave-on blemish treatment.

I’ve had this product in my arsenal for a few months now and while it has been useful to me and my acne problems, I cannot recommend daily usage of this to people who have occasional pimples but really have dry/normal skin unless when you use it to spot-apply. Please note that I have a combination to almost very oily skin with only a few patches here and there that can be considered “dry” but I also do not use this product all over my face as it says in its instructions. The clearing gel has had a bad rap for being drying, but I’ve seen a lot of reviews as well that it worked wonders for a lot of women with acne problems.

It has a watery consistency but dries within seconds after application. It also has a strong astringent-y scent (it has alcohol) but the scent also goes away quite quickly. It can be drying after a few minutes, but I recommend using it sparingly and use moisturizer after application. It’s a clear gel so it’s invisible when you apply makeup on top of it.

It’s very strong stuff, so do not apply it near your eyes, because it will hurt. I use it to spot-apply with clean hands instead of using another tool like Q tips or cotton pads, because the cotton will absorbs most of the product. It stings but it does work wonders to calm my hormone-related monthly breakouts, and make your inflamed pimples and ghastly white- and blackheads disappear.

The Clearing gel comes in 15mL and 30mL plastic squeeze tube bottle. It’s easy to use and store and travel with. The 30mL bottle is tagged at 1,600 php. Expensive, but a little goes a long way so even if I’ve had this for months now, I’ve only used 1/3 maybe even a quarter of the bottle (the photos I took were taken with the bottle lying down or tilted so the amount left in the bottle is not correctly represented) so I still think this is worth the price. I would recommend this to friends who have trouble with stubborn adult acne like I do.

The Clinical Clearing Gel is available in Clinique booths and online.

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