August and September scents

I’ve forgotten to blog my August scent, so I’m posting it here with my September scent. 🙂

Playboy Body Mist in Play It Lovely…

Playboy Body Mist - Play It Lovely
August scent/p>

Play It Lovely is a mix of floral and fruity scents. Its top notes are blackberry, juicy pear & cherry baby orchid. This isn’t strong; good for everyday use, but the longevity is where it fails. It doesn’t even last an hour on a hot day. That’s why I used this for August when it’s the rainy season when I wouldn’t perspire so much. :3

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist in Sweet Pea

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea 001
September scent

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea 002

Another one of those scents one would not expect I would use. 🙂 Sweet Pea is floral with a mix of berries scent. Accords are mainly sweet pea, watery pear, juicy loganberry, and blackcurrant. I spray a lot of this before I head out and I don’t even to re-spritz. Its longevity is great. Sillage even too.

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