Barbie Loves Stila Lip Glaze


Welcome to Glam Love where us girls (karen, joiz, and shabby) will share anything glam. I suppose I’ll start with the blog’s first review, Barbie Loves Stila Lip Glaze!


I wasn’t planning on buying make up when I bought it but I grew up playing with Barbie dolls and I love the color of the lip glaze. How can I resist that? I bought it from Rustan’s Shangri-la Mall for 700 something (sorry I forgot the exact price). I immediately tried it on when I got home. At first I didn’t know how to work the container. The lip glosses I have come in tubes so the thingamajig used by Stila is totally new to me. I kept on twisting the knob and I thought nothing was happening but then I saw the sudden gush at the tip and the glaze almost spilled. Hmmm that didn’t sound right but I promise, I have no intention of making this sound dirty. Anyway, the gloss I bought is the XOXO shade and it’s vibrant pink which I love.

The Lip Glaze was slick and very easy to apply. As for longevity, I still have to try it when I go out and about town. Overall, I think Barbie Loves Stila Lip Glaze is a must-have for those with money to spare and is nostalgic for their Barbie days.

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