BCL BrowLash Ex Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover

My Estee Lauder Gentle Makeup Remover has gone into my empties bin. You know it’s worth the money if it takes you too long to empty. As much as I want to get another high-end brand of makeup remover, I opted for a cheaper alternative. I wanted The Balm’s Balms Away, but the three Beauty Bar branches I’ve been to didn’t have it. When I went to Landmark Makati, I found the BCL Browlash Ex Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover. 🙂

BCL Brow Lash Ex Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover

It’s an oil-based gel can washes away a waterproof mascara and other stubborn eye makeup without a cotton pad, and can even be used in the shower or bath. Fluid gel formula won’t drip and rinses cleans with no sticky residue. Gentle on the eyelashes and the skin. Contains collagen, ceramides, keratin, panthenol, and phaeophyta extract to protect lashes even as it cleanses.

I only need to use about as much as a fingernail of my finger to remove my eye makeup which seems more than enough. The only eye makeup I use besides eyeshadows are eyeliners and mascaras, both of which are difficult to remove. With this gel oil eye makeup remover, mascaras are effortless to remove with this. Eyeliners are bitchier to remove though. The gel oil doesn’t remove it entirely, but the eyeliner is completely gone after a facial wash. I used to do the same with my previous makeup removers, but I still have to do another round of makeup remover after the facial wash.

I’ve used another cheap makeup remover which wasn’t as effective as this. I highly recommend this BCL BrowLash Ex Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover and with the PhP350 price for this 100g tube? I really scored with this one. 😀

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