Boyfriend-bait EDT

This Jimmy Choo will get you a man. — Salesman from a pop-up store told me.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091144

I jokingly replied that if that doesn’t happen, I would return the bottle.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091206

I did buy the 100mL for a fraction of its original price and I did find a partner eventually, but not because of this. LOL!

The house of Jimmy Choo presented its first self-titled fragrance in February 2011 (Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum). Eau de Toilette version of the debut is scheduled for January 2012, announced as “a dazzling aura of glittering femininity”. The fragrance is dedicated to strong women full of confidence, who are also fun and playful.

The Jimmy Choo Eau du Toilette top notes are green accords, pear, and ginger while the middle notes are taif rose and orchid. Lastly, Cedar and vibrant woods are base notes.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091323

I’ve been using the Jimmy Choo EDT more since last December. To clarify, I bought this a year before that and the scent is still the same (because fragrances just need to be stored properly ;)). I ♥ it and even had compliments about it. The fraction of its price was still pricey for me at the time because it was the Christmas holidays and most of my money was budgeted for gifts and dinners, but this is worth it. I haven’t bought any expensive eau de toilette in a long, long time.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091409

I like ginger as tea or candy, but this is the first time I’ve heard or seen it used as a scent. Maybe that’s what drawn me into this as I’m not a huge fan of flowery scents. I think the woody base makes it less too feminine too. Having this on does exude more confidence and even class while still fun and playful. (This is my attempt at being knowledgeable in reviewing fragrances. LOLOL I hope this made sense.) I find its longevity and sillage to be quite good even in warm Philippine weather.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091421

Perfumer Olivier Polge created Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette as a modern floral – fruity composition with deep woody base. Its opening bursts with vibrant freshness of ginger, pear and green accords. Exotic tiger orchid, which forms the heart of the original, is blended with tea rose to create a seductive floral aura. The base is woody, but unlike the debut it does not contain patchouli, it contains cedar and vibrant woods.

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091430

Jimmy Choo has other scents and I thought of trying another, but there’s nothing else like it. I do think this EDT can attract other people or turn heads. If you’re single, this is great! But if not, well, it wouldn’t hurt to have some fans. Hrhrhr~

Jimmy Choo Parfum 20131220_091530

Jimmy Choo perfumes and this EDT is available in The Landmark Makati. Maybe Rustan’s too, but I’m unsure. The EDT is also comes in 40 and 60mL.

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