Browhaus’s Latest Offering – BR 2.4

Browhaus has invited the Glam Love ladies last Tuesday, March 22, to introduce their most advanced and sophisticated technology. The event was held at their Serendra branch. I arrived around 15 minutes after the call time because I didn’t know where Browhaus was exactly. ^^;;; Only Joiz and I were able to go, by the way.

I like that Gaga brow XD

I was offered grooming of my brows while waiting for the event to start and for the other bloggers to arrive. It was right timing because I have been wanting to get my brows groomed. Tweezing is becoming a chore for me and I find my brows a bit uneven. That was my first time to have my brows done by them. The therapist who attended to me said that my brows already have shape so they just need to be _cleaned_. I told her that I think they are uneven as if the left is longer than the other. She explained to me how so and she would thread, tweeze, and then trim my brows. I left it to her what needs to be done. The result made me happier and more self-confident because I felt shy going to a Browhaus event with unruly brows. I’m very happy with the result that I wish it would stay that way. My brows look _sexy_ and it’s now more enjoyable to put eye makeup. Sadly, I don’t have before and after shots nor do I have a solo picture at the event because I’m shy like that. LOL But I’ve been included in the photos of and with other bloggers, so I’ll just wait for those. I might be able to make out some before and after photos from them.


Minutes later, with Browhaus almost full, Monique called for our attention. She introduced the Browhaus team and then mentioned the sole reason why we were invited — to showcase Browhaus’s Brow Resurrection 2.4.



Brow Ressurection 2.4 (BR 2.4) is Browhaus’s latest offering for those in need of a semi-permanent solution for eyebrows. It is better than tattoo or embroidery since BR 2.4 gives a more detailed, natural stroke. BR 2.4 is exclusive to Browhaus and is their most advanced and sophisticated technique.

BROWHAUS’s latest Advanced Brow Resurrection creates stunning artisan brows so natural that no one can tell that they had some extra shaping up on the side. From tattooing to contouring and embroidery, brow enhancement techniques have thankfully gone past those sadly blue eyebrow days. As with all Spa Esprit brands, BROWHAUS strives to constantly innovate and improve to provide our consumers with the best treatments and results. The same dedication to research and development has led to BROWHAUS’s master perfection of our technique, resulting in finer and more lifelike brows with longest lasting durability.

Strand design has been proudly perfected to mimic real brow hair. Each and every strand is constructed to give the illusion of a nature’s true replica. BROWHAUS’s Advanced Brow Resurrection employs a dye used even to colour medical grade pills, making them 100% non-toxic and safe. If pain is your concern, don’t let that hold you back from the perfect brow. Our effective top-grade anaesthetic makes this a pain-free, “no trauma drama” treatment.

Advanced Brow Resurrection:
– Gives realistic strand-like stokes that last
– Bestows a NATURAL illusion of fuller, more defined brows, so natural that you won’t be able to tell that it had been worked on
– Uses 100% safe dyes, used even to colour pharmaceutical-grade medicinal tablets
– Uses a top-grade anaesthetic, making this treatment a pain-free experience

There are high hopes for low brows yet. Browhaus is once again at the forefront of brow technology, offering you only the best in our relentless pursuit of the perfect brow.

This 3-in-1 conglomeration is a bold step forward in shaping the grooming experience of the future – one where time-poor urbanites are able to meet their unforgiving lifestyle needs with added value and no compromise.

P1110339 P1110340

Before and after of BR 2.4

BR 2.4 treatment is not painful. Tab mentioned that it is the same as having a Brazilian at Strip. The sensation is a slight tickle; it feels like eyebrow tweezing. The process takes 15 steps including consultation. It may be done in 90 minutes or longer. What might be the longest step is deciding for the brow shape. Brows done with the BR 2.4 can last as long as two years with proper care and use of after-care products especially those with dark brows. For those with light, natural-looking brows, it can last up to six to eight months. Please view below for more information on BR 2.4 including that of having a tattooed brow reworked:

BR 2.4 FAQ

To witness this latest technique of Browhaus, they had in Giselle.


P1110347 P1110349
Brow Resurrection WIP

Tab explaining the BR After-Care Kit

I don’t have BR brows (and, gawd, I don’t want to lose my brows!), but I want the kit because of the camera. XD

Browhaus BR After-Care Kit
After-care kit contains Build, Fix, facial bowl, spatula, and information leaflet

After Monique and Tab’s talk on BR 2.4, we had a humble feast of sweets courtesy of Mrs. Fields and Coco Cakes. I took the opportunity to take more pictures. 🙂

Other ladies having eyebrow threading

Browhaus cake

There were cupcakes too. I had the green one. 🙂

Browhaus ♥ bloggers!

Joiz and I couldn’t wait for final results of Ginger’s BR, but we’ll be receiving photos from the Browhaus team which will be posted by Joiz asap. 🙂

BR 2.4 is for those brows that are too thin, uneven, or just near to non-existence. This will save you time if you happen to often draw and define your brows. The cost of Full Brow Resurrection is PhP38,000 while Lengthening Brow Resurrection is PhP25,000. Browhaus currently offers a complimentary After-Care Kit and Tune Up: Maintenance when you purchase BR.

Stop living in a flat world

Thanks so much to Browhaus, especially Tab Abad, for inviting us. I may have been quiet, but I really had a good time. I’m very happy and grateful for the goodies. 😀 I even received more for being an ‘early bird.’

Ichigo Domokun makes an appearance

Browhaus is the place to be for your brow and lash grooming. Getting a brow service from them is well worth it. They do not just clean your brows, but also shape them proportioned to your face. Read on to know more. I also made a list of their services with their prices for your reference.

About Browhaus
Inspired by Bauhaus, the German architecture movement, Browhaus believes that there is a functionality behind every style. It is this idea that created Browhaus, your one-stop urban grooming pitstop for the look-conscious individual. Offering brow and lash grooming services, Browhaus designs your perfect brow and accentuates your lashes for your best face forward.

The Idea Behind the Tweeze
Defining your brows does not mean you have to take a chisel and hack away at unruly strands. It doesn’t matter if your brows are likened to a bush or the malnourished desert, there’s always a way to make them the best kind of arch you’ll ever have.

Browhaus is no ordinary brow grooming base, there is an idea behind every tweeze; the plain simple desire for eloquently designed brows. This idea was borne from the artistic thought processes of Bauhaus, a legend of its own right in the design arena. If you didn’t already know, Bauhaus is the prestigious German architecture and design institute that churns out the designs that design gurus yearn to come up with. The design philosophy of Bauhaus is to keep the functionality of a design but also adding a touch of style to it. The basis of symmetry of Bauhaus and its effortless fashion sense inspired the development of Browhaus – The Brow Architects.

Browhaus Blueprint System – Brow Arch-itecture
The Browhaus Blueprint System is a precise system designed to create the perfect brow. The Blueprint System is an artful integration of Classic brow knowledge and Modern science. Employing grid technology (Grids are Good), we structure a brow creation of perfect form and symmetry. The system remains true to the absolute laws of order and balance, while retaining the aesthetic sensibilities of elegance and grace. It is function and style defined. The result is what we would like think as the architect’s brow – an arch of both curved magnificence and technical brilliance.

Every face is a unique terrain with differing bone and muscle definition. With the Blueprint System, any face shape – whether round, oval, heart-shaped or square – is taken into consideration. Your eye shape, how it is set and unique concerns such as a prominent nose, chin or lip are all factored into the equation. The natural effects of aging, slackening skin and the loss of facial muscle tone are rebalanced. Rules of height and diameter, peaks and angles are used to attain a masterpiece brow of technical balance and beautiful proportion.

While we delve deep into the science, the result can only be described as art. The Blueprint System will shape meaning, carve order and sculpt sense from the mess and tangle. It stays true to the universal laws of order, symmetry and function while delivering the end result of style.

Don’t leave your brows to Mother Nature, put it in the skilled hands of The Brow Architects.

Brow Services

  • Brow Construction (Basic brow shaping)
    • Classic Threading — PhP580
    • Modern Tweezing — PhP580
    • Color Tweak — PhP950
  • Browgraphy; Shaping and Color Tweak
    • Classic Threading — PhP1,295
    • Modern Tweezing — PhP1,295
  • Brow Resurrection (Semi-permanent brow enhancement)
    • Full Brows — PhP38,000
    • Lengthening — PhP25,000
    • Tune Up: Maintenance — PhP7,500

Lash Services

  • Express Lash in Bloom Extension (30 mins)/Cluster — PhP,2,750
  • Express Lash in Bloom Tune Up — PhP795
  • Lash in Bloom Extension (60 mins)/Strand by Strand — PhP3,800
  • Lash in Bloom Tune Up — PhP450/10 lashes
  • Lash Removal — PhP750
  • Lash Curl Up — PhP2,200
  • Lashgraphy Color — PhP1,150

Other Threading Services

  • Forehead — PhP320
  • Upper Lip — PhP200
  • Lower Lip — PhP200
  • Cheeks — PhP320
  • Sideburns — PhP640
  • Chin — PhP320
  • Sideburns + Chin — PhP900
  • Fingers — PhP260
  • Complete Workout (Brow-shaping through threading + forehead + upper and lower lip + cheek + chin + sideburns) — PhP1,600

Browhaus Serendra
2nd Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
T (632)901.0597
M (63917)577.1352
Store Hours:
Sun – Thurs, 11AM to 9PM
Fri – Sat, 11AM to 10PM

Browhaus Greenbelt 5
4TH Floor, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street,
Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
T (632)501.3998
M (63908)860.6115
Store Hours:
Sun – Thurs, 11AM to 9PM
Fri – Sat, 11AM to 10PM


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