Care Bears Friend Bear Lip Balm

There are days when I don’t feel like or just don’t to wear lipstick or pigmented lip gloss. Today is one of those days. Instead, I use lip balms. This is also to condition my lips as frequent use of lipsticks, even though some may be moisturizing, dries them eventually. I have lots of lips balms; from clear to having a bit of tint and in variety of flavors. Currently, I switch among three lip balms including this Care Bear Friend Bear Lip Balm in French Vanilla that I found in a dollar store:

CareBears Lip Balm 001v2

CareBears Lip Balm 003v2

You could be wondering why I’m reviewing this when this seems to be geared towards kids. LOL But among the lip balms I’m using now, I like this the most (and there’s nothing to dislike about it).

  • Not waxy
  • No residues when applied
  • Applies smoothly
  • Tasteless (the french vanilla is a lie! LOL)
  • Odorless (unless you smell directly from the tube)

CareBears Lip Balm 002v2

CareBears Lip Balm 004-005

The Care Bears print on the tube is just cute! And that is actually why I bought it in the first place. XD

I remember seeing a different flavor, but I chose this because I have too much chocolate- and fruit-flavored lip balms. The lip balm was made by Lotta Luv. Lotta Luv may be familiar for some as they have made lip balms and glosses for Hershey’s, Dairy Queen, Disney, and a lot of other brands. I use and prefer lip balms by them and Lip Smacker’s because the flavors of most would make you want to apply over and over again. They’re inexpensive. They do keep my lips from drying and some like Dr. Pepper’s would leave a bit of stain on the lips which keeps me from looking pale. Also, honestly, they just look cute and fun that I find them irresistible. 😀

CareBears Lip Balm 006v2
I just noticed how dark my fingers look here. Haha~

I’m not aware of any local stores selling Lotta Luv products or this Care Bear lip balm to be exact. Maybe some local online sellers (including yours truly) does.

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