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Go Fresh Showeroke by Dove

Love to sing in the shower? Oh come on, while the water’s running and you think no one but the shampoo bottles can hear, don’t you just want to belt out a song or two to let out how you feel? Isn’t that refreshing?

Now turn that into a digital contest and what do you get?

Dove’s Showeroke was a competition inviting everyone who loves to sing in the shower to upload a video of them performing a choice of shower song while holding one of Dove’s Go Fresh products (Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar, Body Wash or Deodorant Stick). Last June 22, 2010, Shabby and I (Karen couldn’t make it) gave witness to Dove’s first ever Showeroke at Strumm’s as 8 finalists duked it out to be the ultimate shower diva.

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Mosbeau, the latest in skin whitening treatments

Last week, Mitch Velete messaged me on Twitter inviting me to a skincare launch. I said I will go and asked if I can take Joiz and Shabby with me. She said I can so I told the ladies about it. Mitch even asked me to invite other bloggers and since I don’t have many connections to other bloggers, I decided to seek Sophie‘s help and she did. Thanks, Sophie!

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