Paul and Joe Fall 2010 Collection

I know Karen is into Paul & Joe, so I’m posting this for her. I wonder if she would like the kitty lipsticks. I do and I might get one. Hrhr~

Palette 1 Palette 1
#067 – Silvery Moon

Palette 2 Palette 2
#068 – Paper Moon

Palette 3 Palette 3
#069 – Blue Moon

Paisley design
#066 – Claire de Lune (pink beige)

Swan design
#067 – Over the Moon (pale)

I like the Swan-designed palette and lipstick though I’d get the lipstick first. Then again, the one with the paisley design has a prettier color. I hope to see swatches soon. 🙂

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Urban Decay Sephora Exclusives

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives and Fall 2010 Collection Sneak Peak

If you don’t know yet, Urban Decay released Sephora-exclusive eyeshadows. They’re all pigmented and are not glittery. (I may be one of the few who aren’t into non-glittery eyeshadows.)

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

UD Eyeshadow Sephora Exclusives

Starting at the center top then clockwise: Free Love (peach-y), Psychedelic Sister (purple), Aquarius (light green), Haight (somewhat blue-green), Dashiki (blue), and Woodstock (bright pink/red).

Left to right: Woodstock, Free Love, & Psychedelic Sister

I want Free Love. It looks so pigmented for something of a light color. 🙂 Pinks are also what I lack from my eyeshadows. Free Love might be in my wish list, but I guess I’ll just wait when it comes out in a palette. Hopefully these colors are not limited edition. *crosses fingers*

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MAC and Disney’s Venomous Villains Collection

MAC and Disney will be releasing a “Venomous Villains Collection” this September.

You see, I’m not a MAC fan and I don’t think I’ll ever be. I don’t even have a single MAC beauty item, but I think I’ll be having one from this collection. 😀 I can’t wait to see what they’ll be coming out with.

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Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection

This is Lancome’s Summer 2010 Collection — Bronze Riviera. I forgot I had this in the drafts and only remembered after reading Musings of a Muse’s review of the collection. ^^;;; So this is late since summer’s over. The folks from the Philippines would know that the rainy season has already started.

Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection
All Over Magic Bronzing Brush ($33.00), Ageless Minerale Blush ($29.50),
Tropiques Mineral Bamboo Bronzer Temptingly Bronze ($45.00),
and Ageless Minerale Blush ($34.00).

The eyeshadow palette:

Eyeshadow palette

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Clinique Brandied Bronze Collection

Check out Clinique’s Brandied Bronze Collection for this summer:

Clinique Brandied Bronze Collection

I love the colors on the eyeshadow palette because warm colors are ♥. 🙂 Especially the green and matte-like light bronze from the left. The latter is probably what’s used on this model:

Clinique Brandied Bronze Collection

Included in the collection are:

  • Brandied Bronze Colour Surge Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition)
  • Bronze Leaf Different Lipstick (Limited Edition)
  • Sunkissed True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer
  • Chocolate Lustre Cream Shaper
  • Sugared Fig Defining Liner
  • Air Kiss, Bonfire, Fireberry, & Sunset Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

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Glam Want: Special Effects USA Hair Dye

I love loud colors on my hair but colors are very limited in the Philippines. Sure there’s the occasional blue and magenta but those are just meh. If you want more striking colors, you have to get them abroad.

I’ve been lusting after Zo’s hair. She did it herself if I’m not mistaken and it’s a complicated dye job. I went to that Australian Hair School at the Podium last week and I don’t think they even know how to do such a job.

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