Pearlessence Sea Spray Beach Waves Texture Mist

Already in the mood to blog about this Pearlessence Sea Spray Beach Waves Texture Mist when it occurred to me that I haven’t blogged yet my US haul from last year, which includes this. Heck, I’ll still continue this review and schedule that haul post some time this month.

Anyway, I bought this texture mist from Marshalls late last year. It was so cheap at USD5.99.

Description and Use

The Pearlessence Sea Spray Beach Waves Texture Mist is:

“A unique hairstyling mist infused with Sea Salt, Marine Algae and Sea Fennel to add texture and fullness to all hair types. Create soft tousled waves with this weightless leave-in mist.”

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Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo – Original Formula

Please excuse the dirty-looking coffee mug in the cover photo. I didn’t notice it was there until right before I published this.

I’m already on my third bottle of the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo – Original Formula and I realized I haven’t talked about it yet when it’s such a great product for anti-dandruff.

The first time I used the shampoo was in 2006 when I spent Christmas in the US. My scalp flaked and I would see them fall when I just lightly scratch my head. The only flakes I wanted to see were snowflakes, not dandruff! But I guess it was inevitable because of the cold weather and my warm showers.

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Happy New Year! + Best of Beauty 2015

Late New Year’s greetings to you lovelies! 馃榾 Bringing you my first ‘Best of Beauty’ in 2015. I thought hard enough of what products I really liked last year. There’s hair and skin care faves besides makeup, surprisingly. I also found great beauty discoveries last year.

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Current hair and body skin care

So here’s my body and skin care that I’ve been using since this year started. I think I should switch or add sunblock and SPF products in there. It’s summer time! But several of these are nearly empty, so I’ll definitely start using sunblock and other for summer products. 馃檪

Body Skin Care 2015

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Empties and Used – Part 1 of 2

I probably have two years worth of amassed used and empties that need to be disposed. Be warned: This two-part blog may be long.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Magnolia Blossom
This was a big favorite, but even if it works for my hands and arms, it wasn’t moisturizing enough for my always-dry feet. The scent is both floral and fruity. More on the former. The scent longevity of this body lotion is amaaaaaa~zing as it usually lasts for more than eight hours. I could forget about spraying on perfume or cologne.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion Magnoila Blossom 001

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion Magnoila Blossom 002

I might have bought another bottle or of another variant if Bath & Body Works didn’t discontinue this scent.

Bath & Body Works HandiBac in Fresh Lemon

Bath & Body Works HandiBac Fresh Lemon 001

Bath & Body Works HandiBac Fresh Lemon 002

My dad bought several HandiBacs in a variety of scents. Fresh Lemon was one of them. I couldn’t figure out how this worked at first. When I did and it was like dry hand soap (like a counterpart of dry shampoo), then I knew it would be better than an AlcoGel. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works have discontinued this too even if these sold like hot pancakes. :/

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A savior from hair tangles

Since I started using the Goody TangleFix, my hair has had less breakage and looks healthier. The boyfriend says so too. 馃榾

Goody TangleFIX 001

Goody TangleFIX 002 Goody TangleFIX 003

Goody TangleFIX 004 Goody TangleFIX 005

I’ve tolerated for a long long while my broken and dry hair. Well, it’s about time I should pay attention to it once again — Bring back those days when I can go out even without have to fix my hair. My hair has become such because I almost regularly iron and blow dry my hair without putting any heat-protection or doing any hair care. Finding the right shampoo for very dry hair wasn’t enough. Plus, using cheap knock-offs of Hair Doctor has added more damage.

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Lather’s Bamboo Creme Conditioning Rinse

Got this from one of my hotel stays in the US. I just forgot which hotel. ^^;;; I’m sure I’m not the only one who collects toiletries from hotels. 馃槈 Besides, I bring my own because I’m afraid if those from hotels will work for me or not, so I end up collecting these especially of brands I know that cost $$$

Lather Bamboo Creme Conditioning Rinse 001
Lather Bamboo Creme Conditioning Rinse

I haven’t heard of Lather until I saw this at the hotel including the bamboo creme shampoo and body lotion.

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Dove Hair Therapy in Intense Repair and Hair Fall Rescue

Have you tried the Dove Hair Therapy shampoos? I tried the Intense Repair and currently use Hair Fall Rescue. Afaik, Dove Hair Therapy arrived Philippine shores not too long ago. Best I review these before they become very old news. 馃槢

My hair is very unmanageable, breaks easily, my hair fall is terrible, and I have split-ends. Primary cause is frequent blow drying. I know it’s not good for my hair, but I need to blow dry else it is a complete mess and I hate to be seen with a lion’s mane. DX Dove Hair Therapy got my attention because of its claim on moisturizing and restoring damaged hair.

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Having dry hair and Bath & Body Works shampoos

My hair is very dry. I blame it from too much hair blower and iron, but I just can’t live without them. I get a lion’s mane bad hair day when I let my hair dry on its own. I’m not really a fan of tying my hair unless my hair is being impossible. I asked around about what to do. Some suggested a moisturizing shampoo. One specifically mentioned Human Heart Nature. Then I remembered I still have two travel-size bottles of Bath & Body Works shampoos in moisturizing and volumizing. I thought I’d rather test them first before I go buy another shampoo.

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