Clinique Super City Block SPF40

Back! And with another excuse for not blogging lately once again. :D;;; I have been happily preoccupied with lots of things — From work to social to gaming to ♥ life. There’s so much I want to blog, so I’m trying to get things back in order again. Also lately I’ve been watching Essie Button’s video blogs which has been another motivation for me to get back to reviewing makeup. So… On to my product review — The Clinique Super City Block SPF40:

Clinique Super City Block SPF40v2

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Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation No. 23

I received this Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation along with my Missha Moist Foundation in Warm30.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 001v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 002v2

No. 23 is medium tan as you see below. This may seem it is for brown or tanned ladies, but I am medium-fair and I am able to use this because it becomes lighter/fairer when further applied on the face until it becomes translucent.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 004v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 005v2
That much goes a long way, see?
It has yellow undertones, so it should work for those warm and neutral.

For me, this foundation:

  • Leaves a translucent and dewy finish

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Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03

Clinique Gentle Light Powder - Glow 03v2

As you see, my Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03 is only a sample. Surprisingly, it’s been past three months since I started using it and I still haven’t emptied that little jar. This is so convenient to bring. It gave me an idea when I get a huge jar of loose powder although it might get messy when I transfer.

Anyway, the powder has very fine shimmers and gives a natural, healthy-looking glow. I would not have noticed the shimmers if I had not looked at my face closely in the mirror. It worried me that I might look too made up or my face would become washout in pictures, but none of that happened. Glow 03 is a match with my face.

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Missha Moist Foundation in Warm30

I’m going to challenge myself to write at least ten posts this week excluding this one. *crosses fingers* XD Anyway, on to my Missha Moist Foundation review.

Missha Moist Foundation 001v2

I got my tube of Missha Moist Foundation from my mum who got it from a convention. This was a giveaway included with the Missha Finish Pressed Powder and several others that I will be reviewing someday. LOL

Missha Moist Foundation 002v2

Missha Moist Foundation 003v2

In the picture above, that’s the actual color of the foundation. It looks like it’s for tan skin. But because it is translucent, it has a natural finish that is quite near to my skin tone except it gives a bit of shine. See below:

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Testing the Skin Food Agave Cactus Toner

Skin Food Cactus Agave Toner

This sample of Skin Food Cactus Agave Toner came with my purchase of Urban Decay Ammo from a local seller. I only got to use it the other day. It’s the first time I’ve used a toner. Honestly, I’m unsure what a toner does and what it is for. I found out, after a little research, that it minimizes the appearance of pores and not ideal for very dry skin. In spite of knowing it may make my skin drier, I skipped application of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I just applied a BB cream after the toner.

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Physicians Formula Mineral Loose Powder

I have heard of Physicians Formula way back, but haven’t tried any of their products until now. Thanks to Tamera Online for giving us, Glam Love ladies, the privilege to be able to try a Physicians Formula product. 🙂 I have to apologize though since gratitude and product review took a while. The mineral loose powder arrived at my family’s house while I was in the US. I don’t think I would have gotten the powder too without the help of Jan. At the moment, I still haven’t returned to my room. ^^;;;

Physicians Formula Mineral Powder 001 Physicians Formula Mineral Powder 002
Time to unwrap

Physicians Formula Mineral Powder 003

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Missha Finish Pressed Powder

Hi all! I apologize for not updating here lately. I went on a trip last month and haven’t gotten around to go through the beauty products I got then. Even those before the trip. 😛 Anyway, I’ll eventually get to them. Here’s my review of the Missha Finish Pressed Powder that I got from my Mum. She gave it to me with some eyeshadows and two liquid foundations still from the same brand. She said someone gave them away during their Philippine Dental Association Convention. Missha is actually the first Korean beauty brand I got.

Missha Finish Pressed Powder 001v2

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Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Loose Powder

I don’t normally use mineral makeup. I’ve tried Bare Escentuals after buying their starter kit and the mineral made my face feel leathery and dry. I’m not sure if it was an allergic reaction or the kabuki brush that comes with the kit is just too tough on my skin but I continued using the set for months until I found a better replacement.

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Review: BRTC Glossy BB Cream


Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic (BRTC) is one of the more reputable cosmetic companies in Korea and based on online reviews, they have a lot of fans. Their BB cream line is very popular. I was able to try their “best” BB cream, the BRTC Recover Balm, and I was very impressed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos to make a review post. To make up for that, here is my review of BRTC Glossy BB Cream based on a sample I bought ages ago but only got to try recently. Unfortunately, I think this particular BB cream has been discontinued. I don’t see it in nor

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Etude House Stippling Brush and Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream

I bought from Etude House just some days after their opening here last year. My first purchase was their BB Cream. Then I bought Jan a BB Cream and a stippling brush for myself in my second visit. The second visit earned me a free folder with Min Ho on the cover and a membership card (which I’ve only used once until now). In this post, I’ll reviewi both the stippling brush and bb Cream. It’s been long overdue. Browsing through unsorted pictures from my camera made me realize my backlog here.

Etude House 001
Let’s just say that the Goodybe Trouble BB Magic Cream is mine. LOL

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