Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set

I only have two eye pencils from Urban Decay — Zero and Flipside. They came with the Alice in Wonderland BoS. I have only used Zero, so far, because I don’t think I can pull off Flipside. It’s a light blue colored shade. ^^;;; Even if I have only used one, I can say that the product is a must-have. I like it more than my Estee Lauder eye pencils. They easily glide on and doesn’t pull your eyelid. The staying power is good. It doesn’t smudge. I cried with it on and I didn’t look like a lost emo kid. XD; I would surely invest in another as well as their other dark-colored eye pencils. Because of my liking for them, I just have to make a post on their soon-to-be-released 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection.

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Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Last April, I shared here the mess that was my desk and one product I mentioned to have bought was the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep
“Pure, lightweight, loose powder mineral foundation that is good for your skin and wears for up to 16 hours.”

I usually use liquid foundation but since our summers can get very hot and it gets just too heavy and sweaty to wear liquid foundation on a regular basis, I wanted to switch back to powder foundation. Then there was my long standing curiosity to use mineral make-up. I was on a moderate budget so the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation seemed to fit the bill.

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TFS Glamax Mascara

I bought this Glamax Mascara in Power Volume for my everyday use from The Face Shop (TFS) months ago. Damage was about PhP600-PhP700 although the original price should be around PhP800.

Glamax Mascara 2 001

This is the second mascara I bought from TFS and is my last mascara purchase from them.

Glamax Mascara 2 002

Glamax Mascara 2 003
Looks kind of clumpy

I liked it at first. In just one or two applications, I see the volume that I want. Only the fallout irked me. Now, as you may notice, it’s almost as if there’s none applied. I’m probably harsh on the product since I use it for months now. But I have other mascaras that I use, so it shouldn’t have dried so quickly.

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Maybelline Yellow Corrector

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 001

My Mum and I were invited to my Aunt’s wedding in Chicago. I wasn’t into makeup then, but at the last minute I thought I should look good in her wedding. I needed at least cover my dark circles, so I got the Maybelline Yellow Corrector out of tight budget.

Maybelline Yellow Corrector 003

Oh wait, I think I got this from Ulta using a coupon. Haha~ I don’t remember. 😛

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Urban Decay Vegan Palette

I know some of you ladies wanted this palette more than the Naked. I thought I’d share pictures of the palette and swatches to help you decide with your purchase.

Palette + potion
Palette + primer potion

The palette includes the Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I haven’t seen how the primer looks like, but if I base it on the Sin eyeshadow — it’s a light shade of brown that’s probably a good base for the fair-skinned although it’s slightly shimmery. I wonder if the primer potion is shimmery too.

Top view

Bottom of the box
Bottom of the box

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Revlon Beyond Natural in Nude

This is one of the makeups my Mum got me from her latest US trip. I’m ♥in’ it.

Revlon Beyond Natural 001

When she gave this to me, I realized I have more bronzers than blushes. So I’m really happy to have this in my collection.

Revlon Beyond Natural 002

As you can see, in one pan is a blush and bronzer.

Revlon Beyond Natural 003

I use a blemish balm cream (bb cream) which makes me look pale, so having the right blush or bronzer is a must. The Revlon Nude blush and bronzer gives me that natural look that I want.

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Review: Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream


I tried Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream for a couple of weeks and finally surrendered that it’s not suited for my skin. It makes my face very pale and dries my skin because of its thick consistency. This product is more suited for those with oily skin and very fair complexion, probably caucasian skin.

The Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream has SPF 21, aloe, caviar and vitamin B. It has whitening and wrinkle-prevention ingredients as well.

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Review: BeneFit’s Dr. Feelgood


I’m a fan of BeneFit Cosmetics and one of my favorite products by them is Dr. Feelgood. I have big open pores and applying foundation is a pain because of the build up in the pore. Ewwww. Dr. Feelgood is a good solution for my problem skin. It is a balm which fills in lines and open pores. It has vitamin C and mattifies the skin. I don’t really care about the last 2, I just want less noticeable pores. If you know a similar product, please let me know!

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Estee Lauder Signature – Mocha Lipstick

This is one of the few lipsticks that I haven’t used yet. My Mum and Lolas are into reds, so other colors end up given to me. 🙂

Estee Lauder Mocha
Estee Lauder Signature in Mocha

I thought this was a Lancome lipstick when I first saw it since my other Estee Lauder lipsticks are in rectangular/cornered cases.

Of course I thought wrong. 😛 Here’s Estee Lauder’s description of their Signature line lipsticks:

  • Full-coverage color has true character and depth.
  • Finish is lustrous for a smooth, sophisticated shine.
  • Rich, hydrating formula feels light and comfortable.

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Etude House Juicy Pop Tube #13

Last month, I blogged about my Etude House Juicy Pop Tube purchase.

Juicy Pop Tube #13

The Etude House Juicy Pop Tube costs only PhP128 which is about $3 or less. I tested about 3 or 4 tubes and chose the shimmery pink — the #13.

Turns out to be sheer and hardly made my lips look pink. I wasn’t expecting it to be pigmented, but not as disappointing as this. Also, it has too much glitters. I squeezed out a gunk of glitter one time. I wiped that off and, when I applied on my lips, my lips still became silver. *facepalms* That pissed me off because the glitters were hard to remove. Eventually, I learned that if you have the tube placed vertically in your pouch or bag, the cap part should be upward so the glitters would settle at the bottom.

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