Chanel, Why Do You Do This To Me?

Last August 17, I tagged along Shabby to this Rustan’s Beauty Addict Beautiful You convention in Makati. In all honesty, I came for the drinks (haha!) and checking the goods was second priority. At some point that night, I ended up in Chanel, swatching their Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour, boy oh boy, I fell in love with one particular shade: 154 Experimente.

Experimente would be the bottom shade, the darkest of them all. Top – bottom: 140 Amoureux, 142 Creatif, 144 Vivant, 148 Libere, 150 Luxuriant, 154 Experimente

Shabby did mention last year that she loved the Luxuriant shade (150) but I have never really gone out of my way to test it (or any other shade) myself because 1. Chanel is expensive, and 2. Chanel is expensive. Of course, since I was there already in the event, I might as well try it, right? Ugh, good and bad move.

It was a good move because the shade I tried on my lips matched my red dress that night. The first try wasn’t perfect and a section of the lipstick got removed from my bottom lip because I didn’t allow the liquid lipstick to dry correctly. Shabby persuaded me to retouch it and gave me a tip on how she applies it (blot the first layer with a tissue, and then reapply, let it dry). And guess what, it never moved the whole night!

#NoFilter (fluorescent lighting and a blue light from some booth): We may be about to leave the event, my other makeup may have already come off, but Chanel Rouge Allure Ink is not going anywhere yet

We roamed around after leaving Chanel, and we had dinner right after the event at a Japanese restaurant we frequent near Park Square. You’ll think that a lipstick color this dark will transfer to the glass and chopsticks, but it just didn’t. My lips were lighter and Shabby says it looked more like I was just wearing a lip tint after eating dinner. You’ll probably say, it didn’t transfer because it has already come off, it felt like that too. I don’t feel like I was wearing any lipstick anymore. But I swear my lips are not naturally red and they are bloodshot red even after I got home. I also rubbed on my lower lips with my index finger just to see if I still had any lipstick on, and that was the only time the color transferred to anything.


And even after then, I still managed to take some gratuitous selfies that looked like my lips were newly retouched when I didn’t re-applied any of my makeup (it’s probably the lighting lol).

So why was I calling it a bad move if the lip color lasted that long, and it was that light-weight and it had a really nice shade of red? Because I want it. SO BAD. SO VERY BAD.

I did mention Chanel is expensive, right? It’s priced at 1,950 pesos and I just cannot afford to splurge anytime soon. I actually may already have started dreaming about the lipstick, nights after that fateful Saturday.

Why do you do this to me, Chanel? WHY? T_T

Update on September 15, 2017: I already bought it. I’m so happy and so poor right now! LOL

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