Clash of the Titans movie night out look

Last April 3 was a Clash of the Titans movie night out with Marco and Joiz. I decided to go green and brown.

Eye makeup

The shades I used are from the Urban Decay Ammo palette are Mildew (which is surprisingly lighter on skin than how it looks) on the inner to the middle lid, Smog on the outer lid to the outer crease, Chopper on and above the crease, and Polyester Bride for highlight. I used the Mildew again as an eye liner. The mascara I used is The Face Shop’s Glamax.

I probably have used Maui Wowie too. I don’t remember since it’s been more than a month since I sported the look. I only got these pictures up now because I have been lazy. Sorry!


The eye makeup is hardly noticeable in the picture. I assume it’s just washed out by the flash. Also, I might have needed to layer more. I have just started using colors other than different shades of browns, so I was kind of scared to. I was afraid I would look too made up for the movie night or like a clown. ^^;;;

This was my getup, btw:

That’s what I usually wear when I go out — shorts and baby tee. I can’t bear to wear jeans in the summer heat.

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