Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03

Clinique Gentle Light Powder - Glow 03v2

As you see, my Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03 is only a sample. Surprisingly, it’s been past three months since I started using it and I still haven’t emptied that little jar. This is so convenient to bring. It gave me an idea when I get a huge jar of loose powder although it might get messy when I transfer.

Anyway, the powder has very fine shimmers and gives a natural, healthy-looking glow. I would not have noticed the shimmers if I had not looked at my face closely in the mirror. It worried me that I might look too made up or my face would become washout in pictures, but none of that happened. Glow 03 is a match with my face.

Clinique Gentle Light Powder - Glow 03 002v2

The most I’ve used the powder is twice in a day. Though it looks to last two to three hours on my face especially when my face gets oily or due to perspiration, the sheer coverage seems to still be there since the imperfections do not become visible. The powder not being able to keep the oiliness at bay, especially on my nose, is its only disadvantage for me. We all know that Philippines is often humid, so… But I used this in Hong Kong and it has kept me looking fresh for hours. I don’t recall retouching my face. Only my lipstick. 🙂

Clinique Gentle Light Powder - Glow 03 003v2

Gentle Light Powder has been discontinued. It seems they removed it from the shelves late last year. I already have another powder in mind that I want to try, so I will just wait until Clinique officially returns it on the shelves. *crosses fingers* Do get one should you come across it. I doubt the last stocks before they were pulled out are already expired by now.

Know of something similar to this powder? Please leave your recos below. 🙂

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