So I Went Clinique Shopping…

I accompanied Shabby at Rustan’s Makati today to check if Clinique had the Black Honey lip balm(?), at the same time, I was looking around for a liquid foundation that will suit my current skin color. So we were looking around other brands but when we got to the Clinique bar (is that what they’re called? Or just kiosk? stall? … uh, area? lol), I started checking out the lipsticks and balms as well. Then, I finally gave in to getting a foundation-fitting to find the right shade and kind of foundation meant for my skin type.

joiz and her Clinique makeover
Photo by Shabby


I also liked the moisturizing gel and the powder Anya (she’s the Expert and Manager at Clinique Rustan’s Makati) used on my face that I also felt an inkling to purchase them. It’s too bad that the moisturizing gel is out of stock, but I did get the powder. It was so nice! I’ll post a review for each of the products after I’ve used them a few more times.


Superbalanced powder makeup, long last lipstick, even better liquid foundation, clarifying lotion, moisturizing gel, liquid facial soap, long last glosswear, all about eyes, moisture surge


With those 3 product purchases, I got a bonus set of skin care products as you can see above, along with the two bags at the back. You can also get them if you purchase a total of PhP 4,500. BUT this bonus promo is only until April 15, so if you are interested and got to read this just after I posted, run to the nearest Clinique branch! Run!

Ladies, if you are also not yet aware, Clinique also offers free services, you just have to book!

There’s 7 of the skin consultations: 5-Minutes to Pretty, Shape Shop for Eyes, Makeup Bag Confessions, Day-To-Night Look, Brow-Grooming, Concealing Techniques, and Foundation-Fitting. (may be Shabby will elaborate on these consultations, if not, I’ll update this blog entry, or post a new one in a couple of days.

All you have to do to avail of the free services is:

  1. Visit or call Clinique to book an appointment
  2. Come on your scheduled appointment
  3. Learn and have fun with the Clinique Expert
  4. Present the “Free Services Promo Card” for signature (or for first-time visitors, it will be given to you after your first appointment)
  5. If you complete all 7 services, you get to receive a 6-piece gift pack from Clinique

There’s also have a group offer for a beauty workshop if you and your friends want an exclusive beauty session at the counter to learn makeup techniques and other tricks of the trade. Interesting, huh? For more information, you can visit & like the official Clinique Philippines page on Facebook.

Today was quite an expensive day for me, but I had fun. I have so much awesome beauty products, I cannot wait to use them all!


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