Clinique Super City Block SPF40

Back! And with another excuse for not blogging lately once again. :D;;; I have been happily preoccupied with lots of things — From work to social to gaming to ♥ life. There’s so much I want to blog, so I’m trying to get things back in order again. Also lately I’ve been watching Essie Button’s video blogs which has been another motivation for me to get back to reviewing makeup. So… On to my product review — The Clinique Super City Block SPF40:

Clinique Super City Block SPF40v2

I’ve had this Clinique Super City Block for a looong while now and I’m happy it hasn’t gone funky yet. (Here’s to hoping I don’t jinx it!) My mom originally owned this, but was handed over to me because she didn’t like the ‘makeup smell.’ I didn’t argue with that because I have always wanted this sunscreen. 😀

I have been using this more frequently especially this summer. It seems to take forever to empty it, but I think I’ll probably do so this year since it has been hotter and more humid here than I could remember.

The consistency of this sunscreen is creamy, but not too thick. It has a beige color though it melts in your skin leaving a transparent finish. The sunscreen can be applied prior application or on top of makeup. I prefer the former because I think putting creamy stuff on an already made-up face will mess it up. I use this daily especially before heading to the office. I also used this when I went to Borawan and the Pahiyas Festival. The sun was really unmerciful then yet this has kept me from getting any sunburn and kept my face from getting too dark (that would be a problem because I would need a different foundation if I get any darker).

I’ve only known one local beauty blogger who uses this. I think everyone needs to know and avail of this sunscreen. Very very highly recommended!

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