Dior Cool Wave Summer 2018 Nail Polishes – Splash and Blop

I had my nails done! Ok, I know, it’s mundane, but hear me out. I do the dishes, do hand wash laundry every now and then on delicates, I cook, I clean, so nails are usually just cleaned but not polished. I clip my nails but I seldom get manicures. So seldom that it feels like a treat for myself when I do. And this sure is a treat to myself because as soon as I can leave my house, that first thing I plotted to do was go to Dior and get myself these two awesome blue shades from the Dior Summer 2018 collection.

One is Splash (404) and the other is Blop (894).


Be warned, this purchase is a luxury. I don’t go around buying nail polishes that are in the 4-digits value so I’m not going to go on a full-on review. Call it an appreciation post if you will.

After purchasing the 2 nail polishes, it also took a while for me to have them applied because it also took my time getting out of the house again (it’s a long story) and I’m not going to waste nail polish by attempting to apply them on myself.

Anyway, Splash – 404 just exudes summer vibes and it just looks like the bluest of the bluest blue sea and swimming pools. Then there’s Blop – 894 which is a deep dark night/denim-like blue.

I think both colors also look like it came from a pop art color palette, and I love these blues. I didn’t get the pink and orange nail polishes from the same collection because I thought they were too loud for my taste, but I’m kind of regretting it now because they’re also really beautiful shades. But then again, I seldom manicure so I shouldn’t feel bad. It’s conflicting hahahaha

Of course I had to use the two at the same time because the two blues match perfectly. One is lively and more attention grabbing while the other one tones down the look. I love, love, love both. 😍😍😍


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