Dior Skincare Suite & One Essential Serums

What I’m going to share this time aren’t products that I currently have, but more of a wishlist than anything else. I have experienced using the products shown in this article a few times since last year through facial services offered by Dior Skincare Suite in Makati. And since I really liked the products used on ma face, I might as well share my experience.

I’m not in the habit of getting luxurious services, but getting your face examined, and having a custom pick of Dior products based on that quick facial skin examination, and have a (non-prick) facial right then and there is as luxurious as it can get here, don’t you think?

I got the chance to experience my first Dior facial with Shabby, on the eve of my birthday last November 2016, and then had another 2 facials this year. The Skincare Suite is a tucked away room in SM Makati’s Dior boutique where you can get a Dior pampering without shoppers looking on. Yes, nobody gets to see you, so you can lie down, relax and enjoy the facial massage. The detoxification facial (which I’ve been having) uses the following products:

The two products I really adore here would be the One Essential Serums: Dior One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum and Dior One Essential Eye Serum, which breathes new life and energy to my skin.

photo from Dior

One Essential combats the toxins by reinvigorating the elimination process* in order to restore the skin’s luminosity. A three-dimensional action:

DETOXIFIES: it continuously eliminates toxins (as shown in vitro tests on ingredients) and frees the flow of energy at the heart of the skin.

REGENERATES and ENERGIZES: it optimizes the correct functioning of cells.

BOOSTS: it boosts by up to 4 times the effectiveness of ingredients* of your usual, subsequently applied skincare.

One Essential’s fresh, air-whipped and slightly pinkish texture revives the complexion and instantly infuses it with radiance, without a pearlescent or tightening effect, nor a greasy feel.

From my first visit, my face was just below the normal skin quality index, and a few days after the first session, there were already improvements. What more if I have it as part of my regimen?

How can I deny my face of this kind of nourishment and revitalization?

The only cincher that is delaying me from getting the product is the price of the product. *sigh* skincare is such an investment! 1oz of the booster serum is already US$100 while 0.5oz of the eye serum is US$72.

Come awaited bonus, I need you!

But seriously, my dears, skincare is much much more important than cosmetics, so it’s better to invest on really good skincare products. If you have beautiful skin, whatever makeup you put after will look better, and last longer on your face, and if you take really good care of your skin, you won’t even need to wear makeup on a regular basis to look fresh and great. How about that for #skincaregoals, right?

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