Dove Hair Therapy in Intense Repair and Hair Fall Rescue

Have you tried the Dove Hair Therapy shampoos? I tried the Intense Repair and currently use Hair Fall Rescue. Afaik, Dove Hair Therapy arrived Philippine shores not too long ago. Best I review these before they become very old news. 😛

My hair is very unmanageable, breaks easily, my hair fall is terrible, and I have split-ends. Primary cause is frequent blow drying. I know it’s not good for my hair, but I need to blow dry else it is a complete mess and I hate to be seen with a lion’s mane. DX Dove Hair Therapy got my attention because of its claim on moisturizing and restoring damaged hair.

I was able to try the Intense Repair Shampoo thanks to the many samples I acquired. I’m usually afraid to buy a big bottle since it could be ineffective, so I’m glad there were samples going around. Those lasted me for about two weeks which I think is enough to test and review the shampoo.

I noticed the softness on the first time I used the shampoo. It stayed that way even after everyday use. Unlike with the previous shampoos I used, my hair got dry or oily. Even the ♥ said my hair is soft after I told him how dry my hair is and I need a haircut. Drier than Super Dry I even said. lols

My hair has become manageable. I don’t use the blow dryer for too long and my hair iron is now hardly used. Thank goodness because that lessens my everyday routine before going out.

After consuming all the Intense Repair sachets, I went and bought the Hair Fall Rescue shampoo. I didn’t even know Dove has that. I need that because my hair fall is really bad that it’s scary. ~_~ I’m surprised (and happy) that people still find my hair thick. I thought it’s thinning out.

Buying a bottle was a risk — It may lessen the hair fall, have no effect, or make it worse. I have been using Hair Fall Rescue for almost three weeks now and, I must say, it works for me. The first I noticed was it made my hair feel lighter. Then hair fall has drastically lessened to almost none most of the time. There’s even less breakage. The only thing I dislike about it is its strong scent. I eventually got used to it especially that I realized it is similar to the European-made Dove soap. That soap smelled so much like of a baby. ♥

Both shampoos have slightly thick consistency. A drop with the size of a Piso coin is enough for medium-length hair.

I very much like Hair Fall Rescue better than Intense Repair. I’m glad that out of several shampoos I’ve tried that claim to lessen hair fall, this one works for me. To further prove it — I had my hair cut just the other night. I ended up having hair spa too. While the beautician applied the cream on my head and massaged my scalp, he looked at his hands and said that it’s good that I don’t experience hair fall. My eyes went O_o I told him that I have a bad case of hair fall. Then It old him I started using Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue. Hiyang daw ang buhok ko sa shampoo na yun. 😛

Dove Hair Fall Rescue

Dove Hair Therapy is available at supermarkets and beauty section of department stores. I bought Hair Fall Rescue in 350mL from The Landmark Grocery at PhP188.75. Other Dove Damage Therapy shampoos are Straight and Silky and Nourishing Oil Care.

The arrival of the Dove shampoos is just right timing. I have been meaning to find another shampoo because I had bad hair fall again and my hair has started to feel very dry (again too). I thought I wouldn’t have to look for another shampoo after last November 2011 when I found some known shampoo brand worked for me. This time I hope not to look for any other shampoo anymore… At least for a couple of years. ^^;;;

If you have used any of the Dove Hair Therapy products, what’s your take on it?

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