Dramatic Pastels Palette from last year’s Estee Lauder holiday collection

First, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures of the eyeshadow and cheek palette. The swatches are fine, but the palette pictures were taken last year with a different camera and I only checked them today only to see how dark they were. I tried to edit them as much as I could; made sure the colors of the eyeshadows and blush are as close to real life.

Anyway, now that’s clear, let’s move on…

The Dramatic Pastels Deluxe Eye and Cheek Palette comes with the Ultimate Color Holiday 2012 Collection. I know it took me a _year_ to have this swatch up. I slacked off and I wanted to use it as much as possible before I review it. (Excuses!) There are two palettes in the collection and I am ashamed to admit that I have yet to use the other palette. XD;

Dramatic Pastels Palette 001v2

The palette contains:

Dramatic Pastels Palette 003v2
Eight Pure Color EyeShadow; 0.16oz/47g each

Dramatic Pastels Palette 002v2
Pure Color Blush; 0.1oz/3g

Dramatic Pastels Palette 006v2
And blush brush and eyeshadow applicator

Dramatic Pastels Palette 007v2

With the eight eyeshadows, numerous looks can be created with it. Imagine getting 16!? The collection is definitely worth every penny.

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows:

Dramatic Pastels Palette 005v2
Left to right: Pink Flash (shimmer), Enchanted Forest (shimmer), Ivy Envy (satin), and Sugar Cube (satin)

Dramatic Pastels Palette 008v2
Click on image for better resolution.

  • Pink Flash (shimmer) — On the palette it doesn’t look pink but it is on the skin. Pink Flash is a very light pink with shiny and frosty finish. Nearly sheer on me since I am slightly fair.
  • Enchanted Forest (shimmer) – A pale olive green eyeshadow that is minimally sheer and has a sheen finish. I like this color though I think it doesn’t look that good on my skin. It looks somewhat gray. I also noticed some fading with this color.
  • Ivy Envy (satin) — Dark green like moss; comes out lighter on the skin than it looks. This fades and creases on me after about seven hours.
  • Sugar Cube (satin) — Buildable satin eyeshadow with a frosty finish. I think this will make a good highlighter. But for the cupid’s bow and brow bone, just some slight dabbing is enough.

Dramatic Pastels Palette 004v2
Left to right: Nude Fresco (satin), Lavish Mink (matte), Sepia Sand (satin), & Candy Crave (satin)

Dramatic Pastels Palette 009v2

  • Nude Fresco (satin) — I thought this is light brown, but turns out to be nearly white with a pink hint. It has a very sheen finish.
  • Lavish Mink (matte) — The only matte shade in this palette that is a buildable medium-dark brown eyeshadow.
  • Sepia Sand (satin) — Very light bronze eyeshadow with a sheer and shiny finish. This is my most used shade in the palette.
  • Candy Crave (satin) — Frosty finish pink eyeshadow. It is a bit sheer, but buildable.

Almost all the satin shades crease in seven to eight hours. Not that bad, but I would prefer they don’t crease at all. They seem to last longer without creasing on top of a primer (I use the UD Primer Potion) though I tend to skip that when I’m in a hurry which is most of the time. 😛 None are gritty. The only powdery eyeshadow is Nude Fresco.

Lastly is the Pure Color Blush in Pink Kiss.

Dramatic Pastels Palette 010v2

For a while, this blush has become my favorite. It is pink blush that’s supposedly satin, but leans towards matte with micro-shimmers. I like that it can be buildable. A sheer application can only last for at least three hours, while it can stay on for as long as eight hours if I go for a pigmented finish. Similar to Nude Fresco, it is also powdery so the gold border of the palette has pink spots. Good thing it hasn’t made a big mess on the eyeshadows.

What I really like about this palette are:

  • Portability and lightweight — Definitely great for traveling or just taking it wherever. It can easily fit in a makeup kit. The tri-fold case for the palette is not really necessary.
  • Pink Satin Pure Color Blush is such a cute pink. I keep reaching for it. 🙂 The color is great for many many looks.

I used this palette in my recent FOTD post. Included in the collection is a Dramatic Pastels guide for subtle and statement looks. I shall do those too and share with you.

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