E.L.F. Foundation Brush

I started using liquid foundation not too long ago. I used sponges for application, but buying good quality ones eventually became expensive. I don’t settle for cheap sponges because they break easily or smell. After several times that a foundation brush was used on me I decided to own one and try it myself. So I bought this E.L.F. Foundation Brush:

E.L.F. Foundation Brush 001v2

On the back of the packaging:

  • Achieve an ultra-smooth, pore-less finish when applying foundation or tinted moisturizer.
  • For best results use upward strokes.

E.L.F. Foundation Brush 002v2

The E.L.F. foundation brush is quite affordable. Very cheap actually as it is only PhP129.75 (bought mine from The Ramp). The brush is about 6.5″ long, has synthetic bristles, and its handle is plastic-made. Others may have just little expectation from a cheap brush or maybe none at all. But this brush delivers somehow. There’s something good about it other than the very low price.

The brush is light that may make it seem flimsy, but I have been using this for more than a month and washed regularly yet the quality is still the same. It has not shed even once. Its length makes it easy to bring for travel or include in your cosmetic case. The bristles may look hard for the skin, but they’re surprisingly soft that they don’t prickle my face. Also, with such bristles, it doesn’t matter what consistency of foundation one wishes to use with it. I’m able to put foundation on some areas that I could hardly apply with a sponge. The application is smooth when I use my foundation with thick (or creamier) consistency. But, since the bristles aren’t too dense, it leaves streaks especially when a foundation with near-thin consistency is used.

E.L.F. Foundation Brush 003v2

The brush is hardly good with my Missha Moist Foundation because of its thin consistency. I get streaks when applied with the brush. It’s no good when I’m in a hurry which is almost often. ^^;;; The same goes when I use it with my BB creams. Another problem I encountered with the brush is it bleeds. Only on the first wash though. I washed it until I was sure there was no more bleeding.

I find it best to use with my concealers especially the Maybelline Coverstick. I have a concealer brush, but I use this brush more often for the concealers. XD;

Makeup n00bs (I think I’m at the “getting there” level HAHA~) may start with this affordable brush. Because it can leave streaks, it may make them better on foundation application. 😛 If you have experience with foundation brushes and/or own some, I wouldn’t really recommend getting this even just for trying. Anyway, soon enough, I shall own a way better foundation brush. (Recommendations are encouraged!)

E.L.F. brushes and other products are available in SM Department Store and The Ramp.

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