Empties and Used – Part 1 of 2

I probably have two years worth of amassed used and empties that need to be disposed. Be warned: This two-part blog may be long.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Magnolia Blossom
This was a big favorite, but even if it works for my hands and arms, it wasn’t moisturizing enough for my always-dry feet. The scent is both floral and fruity. More on the former. The scent longevity of this body lotion is amaaaaaa~zing as it usually lasts for more than eight hours. I could forget about spraying on perfume or cologne.

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion Magnoila Blossom 001

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion Magnoila Blossom 002

I might have bought another bottle or of another variant if Bath & Body Works didn’t discontinue this scent.

Bath & Body Works HandiBac in Fresh Lemon

Bath & Body Works HandiBac Fresh Lemon 001

Bath & Body Works HandiBac Fresh Lemon 002

My dad bought several HandiBacs in a variety of scents. Fresh Lemon was one of them. I couldn’t figure out how this worked at first. When I did and it was like dry hand soap (like a counterpart of dry shampoo), then I knew it would be better than an AlcoGel. Unfortunately, Bath & Body Works have discontinued this too even if these sold like hot pancakes. :/

Burt’s Bees Daisy White Facial Toner

Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Toner 001

The Burt’s Bees Daisy White Facial Toner is the first toner I’ve purchased that is not Clinique. It was time to look for a cheaper alternative that’s not going to break my face. I’ve discovered this toner which isn’t even halfway the cost of the biggest Clnique bottle. It makes my skin feel clean and fresh as it does remove any makeup residue, dirt, and oil before I apply a moisturizer. I was scared to use this at first because of its color that reminded me of varnish. It also has semi-strong scent too.

Burt's Bees Daisy White Facial Toner 002

Burt’s Bees Daisy White Facial Toner is available in all Beauty Bar stores at PhP795.

Clinique All About Eyes
All About Eyes claims to reduce circles and puffiness… It does! I apply this twice a day — Before makeup application and heading to bed.

Clinique All About Eyes 001

Clinique All About Eyes 002

Dove Extra Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement
I bought this for a dollar from Target many years ago. Since I don’t use hairsprays too often, this took me very, very long to use up.

Dove Extra Hold Hairspray 001

Dove Extra Hold Hairspray 002

The Dove Extra Hold Hairspray does keep hold of my hair for about three hours (if I’m lucky) with no shine or gloss finish. I only dislike that it makes my hair feel rough and it gets flaky like dandruff on some instances.

Estee Lauder High Gloss Nail Lacquer in Rosa Rosa
My other, older bottle of Rosa Rosa:

Estee Lauder High Gloss Lacquer Rosa Rosa 001

Estee Lauder High Gloss Lacquer Rosa Rosa 002v2

Nail Polish of an unknown brand

Nail Polish 001

There’s a print on the back of this nail polish that I couldn’t decipher because it’s too damn small, so I don’t know what brand this is. It was a freebie from some item in the grocery. The nail polish is clear wit gold glitters.

Rituals’ Eve’s Kiss Lip Balm

Rituals Lip Balm Eve's Kiss

Lip balm with a thick consistency and shiny finish. Albeit thick, it doesn’t slip off the lips and is not sticky. It’s great to put on when I want fuller-looking lips and on a matte red lipstick. But it’s non-hydrating nor moisturizing. I think it actually sucks the moisture off my lips.

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Hand Cream
This was supposed to be included in my recent body care post, but I forgot this and I already emptied it before I could take another picture. ^^;;;

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Hand Cream 001

Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Hand Cream 002

Tube says 20mL, but I think there’s just about 5mL of the hand cream and the rest is just air. 😛 I ♥ the scent of Attimo in spite it being mostly floral, but the musk is still quite strong. Moisture is quite good too.

Silk Naturals Solid Perfume in Raspberry Gingerale

Silk Natural Solid Perfume Raspberry Gingerale

As much as I love berries and gingerale, I couldn’t tolerate the strong smell of this. It reminded me of a body spray I used when I was young that made me dizzy almost all the time. ^^;;;

V05 Power Control Styling Gel and Fekkai Glossing Cream

Fekkai and V05

I only tried Fekkai Glossing Cream when I did a J-rock hairstyle many moons ago – Back when I was still a huge fan of the genre. It did hold my hair for a very long time with no shine even. It was magical stuff. LOL

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