Essence All About Matt! Oil-Free Make-up Foundation

22 May 2018 Update: After this post, I eventually had different thoughts on this foundation. So I’m updating this review, but the gist of it is it’s okay but I won’t repurchase nor recommend anymore.

I’ve been interested with Essence makeup, so I took advantage of their sale and got a few products including the Essence All About Matt! Oil-Free Make-up foundation.

(I forgot to remove that sticker on cap.)

Mattifying, oil-free foundation for a flawless and radiant finish. covers imperfections without clogging the pores. the formulation is long-lasting and moisturzing. dermatologically tested.

The Essence All About Matt! Oil-Free foundation has medium coverage, diminishes the look of pores, and slightly covers redness. Some of my blemishes still show through, which I can cover up with concealer if I feel like it. Sometimes I like the near-natural look. 🙂 I have the shade 15 matt cameo that is lighter than my skin tone. I just put on bronzer to warm my face a bit.

I use this the most among my drugstore foundations, which goes to show how much I like it. 🙂 It has medium coverage, feels very light on the skin, and diminishes the look of pores. Some of my blemishes still show through, but I like that almost-natural look since I usually use this at office and home..

The finish is not exactly matte, but more of dewy. That actually sucks for me because my face already gets “dewy” on its own. To set and get a matte finish, I used the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. If I forget or don’t set, my face gets oily faster and I would be oilier than usual. This also caused the foundation to pill.

My face already becomes radiant on its own, so I don’t want that radiant finish. 😆 So I set it with a matte powder, preferably the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. I recommend setting this because my face produced more oils–not just the t-zone–when I used it on its own. The oils caused the foundation to become streaky. When set, it’s long-lasting and it’s only my nose that gets oily, which is just part of my life. 😆

Besides the dewy finish, I also have an issue with its part floral, part fruity scent. I usually have no problems with scented makeup, but there are some that are annoying. The foundation’s scent fades eventually, however.

For a drugstore, it’s okay but could work better for those normal to dry skin. I give it points for lightweight with medium coverage, but I dislike it overall.

I take back when I said I really like it. 😅

The Essence All About Matt! Oil-Free Make-up SRP is PhP379. I bought mine for only PhP299.

One small problem I have is its part-floral, part-fruity scent, which might not be noticeable for many because I have a strong sense of smell. I usually have no problems with scented makeup as long as they smell nice (I like the Dior and Guerlain scents in their makeup) and fade quickly. I dislike this foundation’s scent, but doesn’t last very long anyway.

The reasons I really like this foundation are it doesn’t clump where my glasses rest and doesn’t build up on my oily nose. This will definitely be one in my top drugstore foundations recommendations.

Oh, this is my first post this year! I should have posted my NYE look. 😆 Or a Happy New Year greeting, but internet in the Philippines suck balls during peak seasons like the holidays. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

      1. do you think there is still stock for it? because I went to sm megamall and north edsa, they said it was faced out. And they keep on recommending me the 2 in concealer make up (its bottle is orange). they said is the new look of the product. Is what they are saying true?

        1. I checked the official website of Essence and it doesn’t seem like it is or would be phased out. Their stocks always take forever to arrive and Philippines don’t get much Essence products from what I can tell. They could have just assumed. Like with the loose powder, they told me that was limited edition, but now they have stocks of it. LOL

          I can check SM Makati later. I’ll send you an email if they have it. 🙂

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