Essie’s Cashmere Matte ‘All Eyes on Nude’ nail polish

A former intern wore nude nail polish. I got envious because not only did it look so classy and neat, but I thought it was great for travel. A chipped nude nail polish wouldn’t instantly be noticed. So I searched for a nude shade that would look good on me. I should have asked the intern too what she was wearing. ^^;;;

Essie - All Eyes on Nude 20151028_022624
My nails atm (except with a top coat). I’ve been wearing this nail polish since the beginning of the month.

The Cashmere Matter All Eyes on Nude is my first nude shade. It is also my first Essie nail polish. 🙂 This wasn’t my first choice actually. I had several options and did a lot of research on which might be too light or just the right shade for my skin tone. But I ended up with this especially because it was on sale. LOL

Essie - All Eyes on Nude 20151028_001636

From the Essie website:

for nails that appreciate the finer things, I suggest my cashmere mattes. created from semi-satin finish and reflective micro-pearls, they add a rich, soft-spun effect and provide just the right touch of season-less chic.

  • soft matte finish with reflective pearl color
  • luxurious neutral color palette inspired by rich cashmere
  • for best results, use without a top coat

to increase wear, we suggest:

  • using a base coat like first base or grow stronger
  • applying a third coat of your preferred cashmere matte shade in lieu of a top coat
Essie - All Eyes on Nude 20151028_001715

I truly adore the matte shade, but the nail polish is slightly sheer and getting an even finish is a bit difficult. The consistency also gets thicker and forms bubbles the longer work with it (I’m slow with applying on my right hand because I’m right-handed).

I would love to _love_ matte nail polishes if only they didn’t chip off so easily. The All Eyes on Nude is no exception. Actually, this chipped off faster than the Flying Dragon even with three coats. I actually hate putting on more than two. They start to streak on the third. Maybe this would last longer with a base coat as suggested, but I don’t use or have one. 😛 For it to last (a week at least), I use my Revlon ColorStay Gel-Shine Top Coat. I don’t care if the finish isn’t matte anymore, but as long as it stays on longer. The shade still looks pretty even when it’s all shiny. 😀

My experience with this nail polish isn’t going to keep me from purchasing other Essie colors because it’s quite easy to work with its brush applicator. The brush length and nail width coverage (please correct me with proper term) on application is just adequate for my nails.

Essie is available only in select salons and also from Polish Please where I got mine from. 🙂

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