Estee Lauder eyeshadow and blush palette

My first Estee Lauder eyeshadow and blush palette that one of my grandmas gave me:

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 002

This palette is half a foot by two inches.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 001
Compared it with a small Cricket lighter since that’s the nearest to me at the time I took pictures

This palette includes six (sheen) eyeshadows, a blush, eyeshadow sponge applicator, and a blush brush.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 003v2

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 004v2

I’ll start this review with the eyeshadow sponge applicator and blush brush.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 007

The eyeshadow sponge applicator is just the usual sponge applicator. I know some would throw that away, but I keep them as I find them useful in times I have to bring eyeshadow and forget to bring a brush. Using the sponge applicator will make you layer more (except probably if the eyeshadow is very very pigmented). It just takes getting used to. I like to use it when I have to apply near the lashes of my upper lid.

It’s indicated what the brush is made off, but bristles are soft. I’m thinking it’s animal hair. The bristles seem loose. I find this brush, yet convenient, not suitable for the Estee Lauder’s silky blush. You’ll find out later why.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 005
Top, left to right: Pale Moon (17), Cinnamon (35), Honey Drop (47)
Bottom, left to right: Baby Pink (02), Ivory Box (10), Mocha Cup (63)

Pale Moon is (indeed) pale pink-lavender shade, nearly sheer, with minimal shimmer. It has an almost frosted finish. The color looks paler the more you layer.
Cinnamon is dark gold on the palette, but isn’t as pigmented as may be expected. I find this a lovely, sheer, sheen gold. This has a cream-like texture and can be layered to darken.
Honey Drop is shimmery peach; looks like a pinker version of Pale Moon but is more sheen.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 011-012
Without and with flash

Baby Pink is a sheer, as the name says, baby pink. 😛 It looks like a frosty pink when layered. This eyeshadow has a chalk-like consistency that it seems to be the messiest among the eyeshadows. There’s a little fallout on application.
Ivory Box is a sheer, satin finish of ivory; highlight color.
Mocha Cup looks like a frosty bronze on the palette, but is actually a semi-pale sheen bronze when applied.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 013-014
Without and with flash

The Estee Lauder Signature Silk Powder Blush in Fresh Plum is a matte palish pink-purple blush. Its silk texture is very nice, but I find it hard to swipe a color off it. Using a round blush brush is easier to get a color off it than using the brush the palette comes with. The payoff is good though. It has a subtle pink but more purplish finish on my cheeks that I love and it stays on for hours in spite of my oily skin.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 006

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 015

I use this palette for my daily (office) look. Honey Drop and Mocha Cup are my two favorite colors here with the former being overused. Ivory Box too of course, but because it’s my highlighter. All eyeshadow colors are easy to apply with only two colors hard to build up — Ivory Box and Pale Moon. The Fresh Plum Silky Blush would be a fave if it’s just not too hard to get a color off it.

I noticed that the plastic cases of Estee Lauder are now better than those I had way back. Those easily broke and I barely even brought them out of the house. I brought this out several times even in my out-of-town travels. Not that it really matters, but the casing isn’t that scratch proof. The front looks like it was ran through a polygraph. There are many hairline scratches.

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 008

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 009

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow and Blush 010

This is one of my favorites from my makeup because it’s easy to bring around (not that bulky, right?) and you can easily switch eye makeup between morning and night when needed. I bring this when I have an event to go to after work. Yet I can’t really make a ‘night’ look with this as the eyeshadows are mostly sheer, but at least I won’t look too plain. The mirror is very useful by the way.

Estee Lauder is available locally in Rustan’s, Essences in Rockwell Power Plant, and most major department stores.

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