Estee Lauder – Satin Gold Nail Lacquer

I rarely get my fingernails done, being a guitarist. But I was to go to my officemate’s wedding and such event means going all out and pretty. *lol* I had a complete foot spa with pedicure and manicure. I didn’t want something that might ruin the “innocence” my white dress shows, so I chose this:

Satin Gold nail lacquer

I got the nail polish a few months ago. It came with an Estee Lauder makeup set. The shiny soft pink color is so pretty. That and dress really suited me. I looked so girly which is the opposite of how I really am. *lol*

Satin Gold

I tried to let it stay for a few more days by not playing the guitar. That was kind of a torture, actually. After more than two weeks, the nail color is now chipped off. That’s also due to guitar-playing. My toenails still look perfect though. 😛

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