Estee Lauder Signature and Pure Color EyeShadow palette

Today was really sunny that it was a good time to make swatches. So I did with the palette I’ve been using for some time already. This has also been in my makeup pouch for about two months straight. I use it almost everyday especially for work. It’s a new favorite. I ♥ it. 🙂

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8001v2_zpsb926df20.jpg

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8002v2_zps962d8adc.jpg

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8003v2_zps86f292e7.jpg

The palette contains four each of Estee Lauder Signature and Pure Color EyeShadow. It is a mix of matte and satin shades. Some sheer. Some are buildable for a dramatic eye look yet not to an over-made extent which makes the palette good for either day or night looks.

Below are swatches of all the shades and their description:

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8008v2_zps5a231f0b.jpg

Cappuchino: Two shades of matte white and satin medium-dark bronze. The white shade looks dirty white on the palette, but comes off a sheer white when applied. Applying this evenly can be difficult. Not that it matters to me since I’m fair-skinned. The medium-dark bronze is slightly sheer, buildable shade. I have been using this often for a daytime/work smokey-eyes.

Ginger Drop: My most favorite color in this palette. It looks like a frosty golden yellow, but it has a satin and semi-sheer finish on application.

Camouflage: True to its name, Camouflage is camouflage green. It has a matte finish though it looks satin-y on the palette. I tried to like this color, but sometimes it doesn’t look green on my eyes. 🙁

Chocolate: Matte dark brown; the most pigmented of them all.

Roseberry: Sheer shades of very very light pink and medium brown. The very very light pink has a sheen finish. The latter is buildable to a very pigmented extent though unlike Chocolate.

Sand Box: Matte off-white shade that I use as highlight or to lighten and blend crease color. It’s almost skin tone on my wrist. 😛

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8004v2_zps60c92e33.jpg

A travel-size eyeshadow brush is included. I find it better than sponge-tip applicators that usually come with eyeshadow palettes. But this brush isn’t very dense; applying evenly on the lids and putting color on the crease with it is difficult. I find this useful only for blending crease and lid shades for removing harsh lines.

 photo EsteeLauderEyeshadowPalette8005v2_zps28ae9a8a.jpg

There are more reasons why I love this palette. Aside from it being travel-friendly as it is thin, light, and small:

  • The shades go on silky and smoothly. They’re not gritty.
  • Pigmentation is just right on for me. Even the dark shade I can use for a day look.
  • As mentioned earlier, many looks can be created with it from day to night; whether dramatic or that natural or almost no-make up look.
  • All the eyeshadows are not powdery.
  • Does not crease.

Unlike most of my other palettes, I can use all of the shades _for work_ without looking too made up or I’m about to party. Its only downside is the brush. EL eyeshadows might not be to everyone’s liking because it may lack pigmentation, but I believe they were made to have no boundaries so as to when you can use them. For me at least.

The palette may most likely not be available in EL stores. Yet the eyeshadows should be available in most if not all as singles or in other palettes.

2013-1028 Update: Added two more in my pros list. I realized I forgot to mention about creasing.

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