Estee Lauder’s Take It Away – Gentle Cleansing Milk

Since I received a stash of new makeup, I had to reorganize my closet where I keep my beauty loot. 😀 I found my bottle of Estee Lauder’s Take It Away – Gentle Cleansing Milk in the process and realized I haven’t used it… Since my purchase of the Ultimate Color Holiday 2012 Collection where it is included. ^^;

Estee Lauder Take It Away - Gentle Cleansing Milk 003

I mentioned in the (linked) post that it’s a foam cleanser. I was wrong. Sorry about that. ^^;

Take It Away — Gentle Cleansing Milk is a cream-type makeup remover with a light, very creamy consistency and is scented, but not strong and irritating. I skipped reading the instructions because I was excited to use it and, besides, I had a slight idea on how to — I applied a generous amount on my fingers then massaged it on my eyes first moving towards my cheeks, chin, and forehead. Rinsed off aftewards. … And then I read the instructions on the back of the bottle. XD

Estee Lauder Take It Away - Gentle Cleansing Milk 002

There was no grimy feeling which I was worried of at first. My skin feels soft and smooth after cleansing. No more worries with foundation and concealer that may not be removed with wipes or facial wash. The cleansing milk removes all the gunk on my face except those very stubborn eye makeup. There’s always residue from eyeliner and mascara.

Others might be displeased with that. For me, at least I know that my eyeliners and mascaras can truly stay on for hours and hours. XD Anyways, I just wash off the residue with my cleanser of choice or remove with wipes. Those who don’t do heavy eye makeup may like this although I can’t seem to find this anymore in the EL website. Discontinued?

Being that this is the first cleansing milk I have ever used, I still have mixed feelings with it. I think I prefer conventional makeup removers, but I do love how this makes my skin feel soft and smooth and even the foundation is removed. I’m considering trying again once I’m done with this bottle. Most likely a different brand. Please to make recommendations!

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