Estee Lauder’s Youth Infusing Essentials

Early this year I changed my skin care products with Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials. The Essentials include:

  • Perfectly Clean, a facial wash
  • Advanced Night Repair, the much talked about serum which reduces visible signs of aging
  • Hydrationist, moisturizer that also reduces signs of aging and provides all day hydration to your face
  • And, Advanced Night Repair Eye, helps reduce signs of aging on the sensitive skin around your eyes

The products I used prior the Essentials truly work for me & I love them, but I wanted a better solution for my eyes especially when it comes to fine lines. Though I was curious about Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, that wasn’t what I needed. I then found out that Estee Lauder has the Advanced Night Repair Eye. Still unsure of its effectiveness, I got the Essentials set instead just to test even the famous Advanced Night Repair.

Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 001v2 Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 002v2

That’s what I purchased so I could avail the Ultimate Color Holiday Collection 2012. I almost got lipsticks. Good thing I remembered I needed eye cream.

Uhh, I forgot to take individual pictures of the products. This will do I hope. 🙂

Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 007v2

Beginning with the leftmost in the above picture — Advanced Night Repair
The serum claims to dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, make skin look smoother, younger, more radiant, and healthy-looking. Since I started using this, my occurring laugh lines are no more and my face feels smoother. I also receive compliments that I look either four or 10(!) years younger. w00t! My skin tone has evened somehow. Well, I still have the problem red spots and visible acne scars. Maybe those acne scars would hardly be visible soon, but the redness should be gone by now considering I have been using this for four months already. My pores also became enlarged. In spite those (and because there are other skin care products I know I can use for enlarged pores), I love how this had made and keeps my face look young. I will buy again only when budget permits. 🙂

I apply this twice a day — Before makeup and at night before bed. It is not greasy, so no problem applying prior makeup.

The moisturizer that smells of bath soap and a hint of flowers. It feels cool on the face when applied; it is light and non-greasy. In the Estee Lauder website, it is stated that the Hydrationist provides 24-hour age-resisting hydration.

During summer, my skin can’t seem to decide if it should be oily or dry. My regular moisturizer (I’m sure you can guess what that is) doesn’t cut it for a weather that gets as hot as 36°. Now I have found what that works for me for this season. (I was even told by *toot* that I don’t seem to be sweating out in the heat. Hee~) True enough, my face looks fresh, healthy, and hydrated from morning until… Around dinner? LOL I’m not so sure with the 24-hour claim. As long as it keeps me looking fresh while I’m out, that’s what matters.

I apply this after the abovementioned serum and before makeup. Since the dryness and oilness are kept at bay, my makeup then stays put.

Advanced Night Repair Eye
The Advanced Night Repair Eye didn’t work for me. How disappointing! And I bought the set primarily for it.

Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 008
Before and after

I didn’t have a better camera for the “before” picture, but there’s not much of a difference really. I still have dark circles and fine lines. It did prevent more occurrence of eye wrinkles and has lessened the puffiness. I started using again Clinique’s Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream for double power against the skin problems around the eye! I ♥ that cream and it was really effective. But, like I said, I just want something more effective for fine lines. Too bad the Advanced Night Repair Eye hardly helped.

I haven’t used Perfectly Clean btw because I am still using Clinique’s Facial Soap (both bar and liquid). Well, I was able to try a tube sample of facial wash from Estee Lauder many years ago. I think it was the exfoliating type. I liked it, but I was still a student then so I couldn’t afford the actual size. Also, I already had a supply of Clinique Facial Soaps back then. ^^;

Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 003v2

Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials 004v2

The Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials is PhP3850. That’s actually a bargain. Comparing to buying individually and this whole set, the cost of the latter might only get you one of each skin care product. I hope the price and the disappointing result of the eye serum will not turn you off from trying these. I truly recommend the Advanced Night Repair and Hydrationist. Maybe the eye serum will work for you like it does for others. The set is great if you want to try first. Inquire from Estee Lauder for its availability or visit their store/counter near you.

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