Etude House Stippling Brush and Goodbye Trouble BB Magic Cream

I bought from Etude House just some days after their opening here last year. My first purchase was their BB Cream. Then I bought Jan a BB Cream and a stippling brush for myself in my second visit. The second visit earned me a free folder with Min Ho on the cover and a membership card (which I’ve only used once until now). In this post, I’ll reviewi both the stippling brush and bb Cream. It’s been long overdue. Browsing through unsorted pictures from my camera made me realize my backlog here.

Etude House 001
Let’s just say that the Goodybe Trouble BB Magic Cream is mine. LOL

Stippling Brush
I’ve wanted a stippling brush when I saw someone use it for a powder blush. It gives a natural color. I had set sights with a different brand which is a bit more expensive than Etude House’s. I was really glad I visited Etude House before I went to buy the other one.

Etude House 003

Etude House 006

This stippling brush cost me about PhP500 to PhP600. It’s 6-7 inches long and has a durable plastic handle with Etude House printed on it. I’ve been using the brush since I bought it, but the print hasn’t come off. The bristles are very soft especially the white tip which I played with before I washed it.

Etude House 005

There was no shedding on the first wash, but it bled a little. It bled again in the second wash then not anymore afterward.

Etude House 004

I don’t see the urgent need to buy a new brush soon because the bristles are still same as the time I bought the brush. In case I need a new one, I’ll definitely buy again.

Goodbye Trouble – BB Magic Cream
I was reading on Etude House in a beauty forum when I found out about blemish balm (bb) creams. They said that bb creams does wonders on the skin and it’s a good alternative for foundation or makeup base. That made me want to try it even though I’m scared to apply anything on my face that’s not Clinique. I still took the risk though because I’m not always satisfied with foundations. Also, afaik, Etude House has the cheapest bb cream.

Etude House BB Cream
My first tube

I’m actually already in my second tube. I almost threw out this first tube before it crossed my mind to cut it open so I could fully consume it. I read about this tip from users of Urban Decay Primer Potion. 🙂 I was still able to use it for about 5 months with almost everyday application.

Etude House 002

People say I don’t look stressed, I look younger than my age, and my skin is almost free of pimples ever since I started using it. I think the other face cream I use is another reason for the skin improvement. It was hard to believe because I sleep late often and I would forget to wash my face sometimes. ^^;;; I’m so relieved and glad I didn’t have a skin breakout. 😀 I now barely use foundations which is saving me money and even time.

Since I’m already on my second tube, I don’t have to say if I intend to buy again or not. I’m definitely sticking to this cream. But I’m thinking of trying this because I trust the brand:

Clinique Age Defense Blemish Blam Cream SPF 30
Clinique Age Defense Blemish Balm Cream SPF 30/PA +++
Source: Beaute Runway

Only if budget permits.

  1. I just bought this BB cream from Etude and I’m just wondering, what’s better to apply after using it? Loose powder or pressed powder? Hope someone replies!

    1. Test what works for you.

      In my case, I set loose mineral powder after the BB cream. Some people uses pressed powder, some don’t even need to put powder on since the natural shine enhanced by the BB cream works well for them.

      Good luck! 😀

    2. Whichever works for you and your skin. 🙂 I use pressed powder, but I rarely do so anymore after using a bb cream for more than a year already.

  2. Dios ko ang Clinique haha. I only get to try their products if someone comes home from the States and gives them as pasalubong.

    Last BB cream I tried is the one from Maybelline. I forgot how long I’ve had it, but I can say it’s over six months now. While my skin’s still not as smooth as that Korean model, it’s far better than it was a year ago. I do attribute that to my facial wash too.

    1. Re Clinique, even I rely on pasalubong. XD; But the facial products like the soap and clarifying lotion (that’s not really a lotion) is definitely worth the money. 🙂

      Try the Asian BB Creams. I think they’re more effective with quick results too.

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