Fashion Face-Off 2011

Hot Young Designers (HYD) is looking for the next big name in the fashion design industry. HYD intends to search for talented individuals and make their dreams come true. Five (5) of these individuals will be chosen to compete for 9 months by showing off their skills as a designer of ready-to-wear clothing (RTW).

There will be 3 quarters: First quarter runs from October to December this year, 2nd quarter will run from January to March 2012, and the 3rd quarter will run April to June 2012. For each of the quarter given, the contestants will have to create their own fashion collection under cost limits and given specific rules. A business coach and a budget of 20,000 every quarter will be provided. The clothes will be sold in a virtual store, and at the end of the third quarter, the market/customers will determine the winner. How? The person with the most revenue generated for the entire 9 months will be declared the winner!

So wait, wait… If I join, what’s in it for me?

  1. You will not spend a single peso. As I mentioned above, a budget of PhP 20,000 per quarter (half of it will be given at the start of each quarter, and the other half in the middle of the quarter). Aside from that, 10% of the earnings from the clothes that are sold will go to you as allowance for incidental expenses like travel, food, etc. Payout for this share will be given at the end of each quarter.
  2. This will be a chance for you to start your own fashion line. All items will be labeled: Hot Young Designers by your name
  3. HYD will of course spend in advertising and marketing, thus launching you as an upcoming designer for this year.
  4. As mentioned previously, in the process of the competition, you will be given a business coach. This coach will teach you skills in business and starting your new line on the business side.
  5. And last, but definitely not the least, you get a chance to win PhP 100,000 worth of prizes for you to start your new fashion line.

So are you ready to take the challenge? Are you the country’s most promising RTW designer?

Interested? Want to know more? You can download the application form and mechanics details here, fill it up, scan and send it to their email (see poster image above), or you can head on over to HYD’s tumblr to grab more information.

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