First impressions: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips

There’s a huge hype with the Colourop Ultra Matte Lips among beauty fans, with so many good reviews and very few (and very) minor drawbacks. I knew I had to try them too especially that I’m always for lipsticks that have great longevity. They say the Ultra Matte liquid lipstics do last long.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips has a wide range of colors. That just means, for me, more colors to like and want. O_O But these four I really really like especially Kapow and Bumble.

Left to right: Bumble, Trap, Bumble, and Kapow
Left to right: Limbo, Trap, Bumble, and Kapow

I actually held off buying for about a couple of months, but Glam Love’s Instagram feed didn’t help. ^^;;;

First impressions

  • They’re all unscented.
  • Not drying, but also not hydrating.
  • I’ve used Bumble the most among the four and the longevity is quite amazing. I told some acquaintances how it is very sisig-proof and even tokwa’t baboy-proof. LOL!
  • After a few hours with Kapow, it would get little flakey. But it still doesn’t make my lips feel shriveled and very dry.

Oh gawd, I just realized that I had so much pork in a day! But the sisig was for lunch and the other for dinner. Hm, that’s still not a good justification, is it?

Anyway, I’m excited to share with you my full review on each of the shades. It will be up as soon as I get to use Limbo and Trap. 🙂

I purchased mine at @yourmakeupstoreph. They have a very good deal on Colourpop makeup and other brands.

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